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These Are The Safest Solo Travel Destinations In The World

Exploring different parts of the world is something many people live for. People even make careers from traveling the globe and sharing those experiences through their blogs. Traveling solo can feel like a big step, so if you’re nervous about globetrotting on your own, then these places are for you. They have been rated the safest places in the world to travel by travel site wegoplaces.me and takes into consideration crime rates, advice from their foreign offices, and levels of hostility.


Singapore actually came out as the safest place to travel in the world on your own in the wegoplaces survey. The city is forward-thinking and is one of the most technologically advanced places in the world. Shopping is pretty high on the agenda, but there is a ton of amazingly built buildings and structures that have to be seen to be believed.


Denmark is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, but the locals are also friendly to people. The capital city of Copenhagen is often a spot on European tours, but you don’t need to visit in a crowd. Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens is a great place to spend a day, while you’ll find plenty of cafes to pass the time while you soak up the city’s atmosphere.


Canada is thought of as one of the friendliest countries in the world, so it’s little surprise that it ranks highly as a safe place for a solo traveler. With amazing hikes through the wilderness and inclusive cities, there’s a reason why most people visiting Canada have a great time. With so many places to explore, the only thing you’ll be sad about at the end of your Canadian trip is having to leave.


The remote country of Iceland is an ideal location for a solo traveler because there really aren’t many people here. Once you step foot into the country you will be wowed by the landscape, which includes hot springs, amazing waterfalls, and even black sand beaches. There is only a small population of people who live in Iceland, which helps to make it such a safe destination for travelers.


Another Scandinavian country that ranks highly in wegoplaces’ poll is Norway. The country is full of fjords and rocky mountains and is best taken in by boat. People are too busy gazing at the amazing scenery in Norway to make it an unsafe place to visit, so it’s great for solo travelers.


This might not be on many people’s travel lists, but that makes it all the more impressive when you visit. Uzbekistan has plenty of history to dive into as it’s right along the Silk Road trade route that linked China with the Middle East and Europe. Locals are friendly and offer warm welcomes to everyone passing through their picturesque country.

Traveling solo gives you a new sense of freedom, but if you worry about your safety, then these are the places you must check out on your own.