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These Are The Most Dog-Friendly National Parks Across The US

National Parks are great places to go for a walk. Not only do they help you to get in some good exercise, but they also offer some of the most incredible sights around. They’re also a brilliant place to take your dog, provided the area is pet-friendly. Not all National Parks allow these animals to come and go, but some are incredibly dog-friendly.

Shenandoah National Park

Oh, Shenandoah, we long to see you, especially because you allow dogs on almost every mile of available trail here. Only 20 of the 500 miles aren’t pet-friendly, and that’s purely because the terrain isn’t suitable for taking animals on. Everything else, though, you’re free to explore with your canine companion, where you’ll get to discover Virginia’s beautiful vistas and breathtaking waterfalls. Dogs are also welcome in all the campsites here, though you’ll probably want to stay in Loft Mountain purely for its convenience.

Yosemite National Park

It’s one of the most famous National Parks in the US and one of the most dog-friendly too. Filled with colorful meadows and sturdy redwoods, a day or two here definitely won’t disappoint. You can stay at the family campgrounds here with your pet while enjoying various trails, like the Wawona Meadow Loop. It’s a good five-mile walk, so it will keep you busy without being too taxing on your legs. Absolutely worth a visit if you live in California or plan on visiting the state with your pet.

Hot Springs National Park

When in Arkansas, there’s no better place to go with your dog than the Hot Springs National Park. You can traverse up to 26 miles of hiking trails here with varying difficulty, depending on what you’re after. Goat Rock Trail is best for those looking for a simpler workout with their pet because it’s relatively flat but scenic. As for those preferring a challenge, Sunset Trail will probably be more to your taste. Not only is it ten miles long, but it crosses over Music Mountain, the highest peak in the park. That extra effort will reward you and your dog with some spectacular views, though, so it’s definitely worthwhile.

Acadia National Park

If you’re in Maine, this is the National Park you’ll want to go to with your canine companion. Dogs are free to walk on over 100 miles of trails here, roughly two-thirds of what’s available in these 47,000 acres. Should you go camping here, you’ll also be happy to know that you can take your pet to the campsites Seawall, Blackwood, and Schoodic Woods. Plus, your dog is allowed at Sand Beach and Echo Lake, provided you visit outside of high season.

Whether you’re after a day out or somewhere to spend your next vacation, these National Parks are certainly worth thinking about if you have a dog. You won’t have to worry about being too restricted on your trip, thanks to their reasonably relaxed rules regarding pets. Just make sure to check their respective websites before traveling for more in-depth information about their limitations.