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These Are The Best Day Trips To Take From San Francisco

Let’s face it; San Francisco is already a sight to behold in itself. However, we sometimes need something a little extra to spice up the everyday or our vacation. What about embarking on one of the best day trips to take from San Francisco? That’s certainly one way to do it.

Santa Cruz

Whether you want to take the kids for a fun day out or you want to unleash your inner child, Santa Cruz has plenty of things to keep everyone in the family busy. The area is just a short distance from San Francisco and is famous for its laid-back way of life. As if that’s not enough, the boardwalk is also one of the largest attractions in the area. In fact, it’s currently the oldest amusement park in America.

The East Bay

The East Bay covers several small suburbs and neighborhoods. However, Oakland and Berkley are the two most famous areas that come to mind for most locals when thinking of the area. Thankfully, there is so much to see and do within both areas, including restaurants, shopping, historical sites, museums, and art scenes. Plus, all of this is completed with the sun and almost guaranteed perfect weather for the trip.

Silicon Valley

While Silicon Valley might not be an official area, it’s one of the most famous places on the planet when it comes to the world of tech. That’s all thanks to the fact it’s home to the headquarters of several impressive names, such as Google, Facebook, and Apple. It’s an excellent choice for tech lovers as you can check out where the magic happens and learn all about the history and future thanks to guided tours and museums.

Sonoma Valley

If you want to learn about Native American history, then Sonoma Valley is the place to be. The Wintun, Pomo, and Miwok people walked these journeys for thousands of years, and their impression can still be felt in the land. Nowadays, Sonoma Valley is also famous for the area’s vineyards and drinks that have drawn in thousands of visitors in recent years. Of course, all of this takes place against the beautiful backdrop of the area.

Marin County

Some of us need a break from the city every now and then to help get back in touch with nature. That’s where Marin County comes into play. The area is filled with plenty of nature-filled things to pass the time, including hikes and bike rides that can easily dominate most of the day. From child-friendly areas to places that make it feel as though you’re the only person in the world, Marin County seems to have something for everyone – and is never too far from San Francisco.

Taking one of the best day trips from San Francisco not only means we have something new to see and do to pass the day, but it also gives us plenty of chances to make new memories without straying too far from the city. Who knew that so much lay hidden in plain sight?