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These Are The Best Corners Of The World For Hunting Extraterrestrials

If there is one thing that’s been enough to get many of us talking throughout the years, it’s the idea that something – or someone – else could be out there in space. While there have been plenty of sightings over the years, not all of us have seen proof for ourselves. That could all change thanks to the best corners of the world for hunting extraterrestrials.

Area 51 – Nevada

When it comes to one of the best corners of the world for hunting extraterrestrials, Area 51 is arguably the most famous of them all. Of course, you don’t want to try and get inside, or you could find yourself paying a hefty fine and facing time behind bars. However, you can enjoy Area 51 from the outside and try your best to find some alien lifeforms if you look hard enough.

Roswell – New Mexico

The Roswell Incident means this city has been at the heart of UFO talk for decades. Now, people from across the world still flock to New Mexico to try and lay eyes on an extraterrestrial for themselves. If you don’t want to navigate your way to supposed crash sights, be sure to check out the International UFO Museum and Research Center or the Roswell Spacewalk instead.

Wycliffe Well – Australia

Wycliffe Well is so proud of all the UFO sightings throughout the years that it’s now one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area. Hunting extraterrestrials is common throughout the dry season that runs between May and October. In fact, there is usually a sighting every few days, making Wycliffe Well one of the top five hotspots for UFOs across the planet. You can even stay in cabins across the area if you want to prolong your hunt.

Wiltshire – England

It might come as little surprise that Wiltshire is just one mile from the legendary Stonehenge. There have been plenty of sightings over the country throughout the years, including strange patterns that have appeared in random fields. This has just further backed up some people’s thoughts that Stonehenge was actually built by or for extraterrestrials all those thousands of years ago.

Joshua Tree – California

Who said you couldn’t enjoy a view as you hunt extraterrestrials? Joshua Tree is already famous for being a stunning national park, but it seems the clear sky also makes it popular with anyone looking for a UFO or two. You can even search for the rumored hidden alien base that supposedly lies somewhere beneath the desert if you’re feeling brave.

Sedona – Arizona

You don’t always have to travel far to hunt extraterrestrials. In fact, a trip to Sedona in Arizona means you could enjoy one of the most popular places in the US for UFO hunting. It’s common to see plenty of people with night-vision goggles and binoculars, as well as nightly tours of the area. Even Bigfoot has been reported in the area throughout the years.

When it comes to hunting extraterrestrials, it seems there is no shortage of spots across the world that have been linked to UFOs.