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The Towns Where It’s Christmas All Year Long

There’s a good reason there’s a song about wishing it was Christmas every day. While it’s a dream that plenty of us left behind in our childhoods, others can’t wait to see the festive season in every year. The best bit? The towns where it’s Christmas all year long could be all we need to enjoy the holidays at every opportunity.

Colmar, France

Although Christmas may not be literally celebrated here the whole time, it sure seems like it! The way the Colmar’s architecture is laid out will make it appear like you’ve made it into festive heaven. To make things seem even more authentic, it comes fully equipped with cobblestone streets, wooden doors, and a calm serenity that can only be described as the perfect Christmas town. The only thing missing is the decor, which comes out every year in winter.

North Pole, The US

Have no fear; this isn’t the North Pole you’re likely thinking about. However, if you’ve always dreamed of visiting Santa in his humble abode, this is the next best thing. Not far from Alaska, close to its capital city of Fairbanks, you’ll come across a tourist destination called the North Pole. They celebrate the festive season all year round – even in the summer. Complete with street parades and giant candy canes, you can’t miss out on this if you love Christmas.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
Source: European Best Destinations

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

If there’s one place that can’t get more Christmas cheer than it already has, it’s probably Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This place even has its own museum dedicated to the holidays! Situated between Munich and Frankfurt, you will find this quaint little gem. Here, Christmas is considered a sacred occasion, and they celebrate it properly. They are even known to host some of the best festive markets in Europe.

Santa Claus, Finland

Alright, we know Santa actually lives at the North Pole. Still, this small section of Finland still had to name itself the official hometown of Santa. With Finland being so close to the arctic circle, it’s probably easy to see why Christmas is celebrated here all year round. This town even has its own Christmas amusement park fully kitted out with reindeer rides and all. If you love everything Christmassy, note this destination on the bucket list.

Santa Claus, The US
Source: Traveling Twogether

Santa Claus, The US

You read that right! A whole town in Indiana, USA, is named after the big guy in red. Other than having some patenting issues to sort out with Finland, this town also claims to be the hometown of Santa. Here, Christmas is celebrated the whole year round. Unlike the other festive attractions, this town has a post office fully dedicated to receiving and replying to letters sent to Santa, perfect for little ones.

Being so spoiled for choice has never felt this good! With many places to see that will make you swoon and remind you why you should love the festive season, certain places certainly know how to bring Christmas to life all year long. The question is: where are we meant to start?