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The Top 8 Cities For Walkers Across Europe

Some of us want nothing more than to lounge around on vacation. Others? They want to get out there and see what the area has to offer. If that’s the case, then it might be time to check out the top 8 cities for walkers across Europe.

Venice – Italy

While Venice is famous for its canals, there are also plenty of ways to walk around the city, making it an excellent place for walkers across Europe. It also means you won’t get stuck behind the long line of people all wanting to take the city in from the water.

Athens – Greece

Athens has so many things to see thanks to the amount of history in the city. Thankfully, you don’t have to fork out on expensive travel fares, as they are all within less than two miles of each other. That’s right; the National Garden, Agora, Parthenon, and Acropolis are all a stone’s throw away at all times.

Edinburgh – Scotland

Okay, it might be hilly, but you can see the big five in Edinburgh in less than an hour. That’s right; Holyrood Park, the Palace of Holyrood, the National Gallery, Edinburgh Castle, and the National Museum are never too far away.

Stockholm – Sweden

There are so many things to enjoy in Stockholm. From the Skansen Museum to the Royal Palace and everything in between, there is never a shortage of sights. The best bit? They’re all so close and easily accessible for walkers.

Madrid – Spain

When we think of Spain, there’s a good chance the beaches come to mind, right? Thankfully, Madrid offers something different as the European city is great for walkers. In just 45 minutes, you could find yourself enjoying both El Retiro Park and the Temple of Debod.

Hamburg – Germany

One of the best things about Hamburg is you can walk as fast or as slowly as you like as you take in everything the city offers up to visitors. In fact, walking from the Maritime Museum to the Hamburg Dungeon is just two miles and could take as little as 40 minutes.

Riga – Latvia

Latvia is a beautiful country for so many reasons. Riga is an incredible city, especially as it’s such a great place for walkers. The Central Market, House of the Black Heads, and the Cathedral are all within walking distance of one another with so many other things to see and do along the way, too.

Florence – Italy

Believe it or not, but you can make it between the main attractions in Florence in just half a mile. That’s just around ten minutes of walking to see everything the European city has to offer. As if that wasn’t enough, the Uffizi Gallery and Duomo are so close they’re practically touching.

The best cities for walkers across Europe offer up a new way to explore an area. No longer do we have to worry about waiting in line for transport or forking out on extra charge. In fact, all we need are some good shoes, and we’re good to go.