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The Most Overdone Tourist Attractions In Europe And Their Less Busy Alternatives

Europe is home to some of the oldest tourist attractions in the world. Any time you visit a European city, you are overwhelmed by tourists. If you like a slower pace of life, then check out these less busy alternatives to Europe’s biggest tourist attractions.

The Acropolis

Ancient Greece is regarded as one of the earliest civilizations in the world, and the Acropolis is perhaps the best-known attraction in Athens. It does get quite busy though, and the alternate of Strefi Hill is a must for tourists who don’t like crowds. You climb Strefi Hill to get a great view of not only the Acropolis, but also the Athenian River without battling the crowds for a photo opportunity.

The Eiffel Tower

It’s one thing that most people feel they must go and see when they visit Paris. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, which makes it one of the busiest. Your chances of getting a ticket to the top are pretty slim unless you book months in advance. There are also hordes of people gathered around the base of the tower looking for the perfect photo opportunity.

Paris has its fair share of amazing architecture, and you don’t have to battle the crowds at the Eiffel Tower to see something amazing. One alternative that is less busy, but equally beautiful, is the Saint Jacques Tower. It’s almost as high as the Eiffel Tower, giving you amazing views of the city below. Saint Jacques Tower was built in the 16th century, and it’s just $11 (€10) to climb the 300 steps to the top.

Big Ben

London is a crowded city, and it can be hard to find somewhere quiet at the best of times. Heading to a tourist attraction like Big Ben means you are going to be one of the thousands of people to visit it that day. An alternative is Westminster Cathedral, which often gets confused with Westminster Abbey.

The cathedral isn’t that well-known, and unlike Big Ben, you can actually climb this bell tower to get amazing views of the city. Plus, as so few people visit, your time at the top of Westminster Cathedral will be nice and peaceful.

La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona has so much amazing architecture around the city thanks to the legendary architect Gaudi. His work can be found everywhere, and the biggest attraction is La Sagrada Familia. You have to buy your tickets in advance to see this amazing feat of engineering, and even when you get in, you are battling the crowds.

One place you can check out instead of La Sagrada Familia is the Catedral de Barcelona, which was built between the 13th and 15th centuries. The cathedral is a gothic work of art complete with gargoyles adorning the roof, and it’s much quieter than La Sagrada Familia.

Europe is a popular tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. To beat the crowds, check out these alternative landmarks the next time you head to this part of the world.