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The Most Jaw-Dropping AirBnB Properties In The World

If you’ve ever used AirBnB, you’ll know that this accommodation option gives you the chance to stay in some pretty unique places. Whether you want to stay in a little beachfront apartment or a cabin in the woods, you can guarantee that this hosting platform will have something that tickles your fancy. While most of these options are readily available for everyday people, it’s safe to say that there are some places out there that are a little more out of reach. These jaw-dropping properties are pretty spectacular, but so are the price tags…

The Seashell House

Located in Mexico, the Seashell House is perhaps one of the most iconic AirBnBs to ever grace this land. Constructed in the form of a beautiful, white seashell, everything about this place screams natural and organic beauty. While the outside is pretty impressive, there’s no doubt about the fact that the inside is equally as unique. The whole place has been decked out in a seaside theme, and you can even rest your head in a room that’s been decked out with real shells from the nearby beaches. Why wouldn’t you want to stay here?

Secluded Intown Treehouse

Most people love the idea of staying in a treehouse, and it’s fair to say that this one has everything you could possibly want and more. As the winner of AirBnBs Most Wished-For listing in the world in 2016 and 2017, this Atlanta treehouse has been in extremely high demand – and it’s clear to see why. With space for two guests, this treehouse comes with a rope bridge that’s adorned with string lights, stunning views, and amenities that you definitely couldn’t fault. Not many people can say that they’ve stayed in a place like this before.

Modern Apartment In Iceland

Iceland is one of those destinations that’s on most people’s bucket lists, so why wouldn’t you want to splash the cash to see this place in style? Villa Lola is a space that has since been transformed into three different modern apartments, and although you’ll most likely have neighbors, it definitely won’t seem like it. After all, you will be in the middle of the beautiful landscape and have mountains, lakes, and fields to look at. In reality, this place doesn’t even look like it’s real, so it’s best to go ahead and book it to make sure it’s not a figment of your imagination.

Garden Gingerbread House

Everyone wants to stay somewhere that’s completely unlike their home, so what about a gingerbread house? Located in Makawao, this place isn’t the largest AirBnB on offer, but it’s certainly one of the most original. It’s located just a short way away from the beach and is surrounded by lush trees and foliage. As if that wasn’t enough, Jimi Hendrix himself once stayed in this adorable little cottage! If that’s not enough to convince you then we don’t know what will be.

Looking for an AirBnB that’s out of this world? These jaw-dropping places should definitely be on your list.