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The Most Isolated Places To Stay Across The Planet

When it comes to a vacation, not all of us want to submerge ourselves somewhere filled with people. In fact, plenty want to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all and enjoy somewhere more peaceful instead. Perhaps it’s time to check out the most isolated places to stay across the planet?

Port Ashton Lodge – Alaska

You’ll need a boat, helicopter, or plane to get there, but a trip to the Port Ashton Lodge in Alaska certainly means you are in one of the most isolated places to stay. The private cabin is surrounded by plenty to see and do, including beachcombing, hiking, and kayaking. Want to relax in your own surroundings? Have no fear; the wood-burning hot tub offers the perfect place to forget about the rest of the world.

Himalaya Retreat – India

Hiking for 50 minutes is the only way you’ll be able to check into the Himalayan Retreat tucked away in the peaks of the mountain. Still, the trip alone is an adventure most are sure to enjoy before they can relax and unwind away from everyone else. Thankfully, a stay here means you’re not entirely isolated, as the only people around are the owners of the home who live upstairs just in case you need anything while you’re away from the rest of the world.

Skylodge Adventure Suites – Peru

Getting away from it all might not mean traveling for hours but heading up instead. That’s the case for the Skylodge Adventure Suites, as you’ll have to trek 1,300 feet or take the zipline trail to make it to the edge of the mountains hanging above the Sacred Valley of Peru. Here, brave visitors are greeted with the most incredible sights thanks to the transparent hanging bedrooms nestled into the rocks.

A Traditional Yurt – Mongolia

If you don’t mind being alone and want to spend your days exploring the Altai Mountains or hiking to waterfalls and lakes, then you might want to check out a traditional yurt in Mongolia. The camp is found in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park and is six hours away from the nearest city. You’re not entirely alone, as there is a local family of eagle hunters nearby, but you’re certainly off the beaten track.

Dunes Lodge – Namibia

Heading into the center of the NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia means you’ll get to soak up the Dunes Lodge. The chalets are found on top of a dune plateau, meaning you get to enjoy uninterrupted views of the surrounding area in all directions. Amazingly, even though Dunes Lodge is isolated, it comes with plenty of modern luxuries, such as a bar and swimming pool.

Heading to the most isolated places to stay across the world doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. In fact, with the views and experiences on offer, there are plenty of reasons that checking into a place off the beaten track can be just what our minds, bodies, and souls need to reset. The question is: where do we start with our next adventure?