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The Most Haunted Hotels For A Spooky Night’s Sleep

Are you scared of the dark? You better not be if you ever plan to stay in one of the world’s most haunted hotels. Given some of the stories that have come out of these places, you’ll need nerves of steel to make it through a night there.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel – Canada

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta was built in the 1800s to encourage tourism, and, in a way, it’s succeeded. However, it’s not necessarily the architecture or gorgeous scenery that attracts people nowadays. Instead, it’s the reports of ghosts haunting the location, including a bride and a previous employee. The former apparently fell down the stairs on her special day, while the latter threatened to haunt the hotel before passing in the ‘70s. He’s allegedly been helping guests with their bags ever since.

The Omni Grove Park Inn – US

This hotel in North Carolina has hosted some famous names in the past, including F. Scott Fitzgerald. Unfortunately, it’s not his previous stay there that makes this Asheville accommodation so notable. Instead, it’s the presence of the Pink Lady, whose life came to an end in the 1920s. She fell from her room to the atrium two floors below, with her spirit allegedly remaining in the chills and pastel mists at the hotel.

The Shelbourne – Ireland

When people think of haunted hotels, images of dark, decrepit places usually come to mind. However, even luxury accommodation can feature its fair share of ghosts. Look at the Shelbourne in Dublin, Ireland, which offers a luxury stay with a potential haunting for good measure. Princess Grace of Monaco once stayed here, as did Lily Collins, with the latter revealing she had a spooky experience at the hotel. Well, the place is apparently known for water faucets that turn themselves on and the ghost of a little girl.

The Langham – UK

Unexplained heat? Check. Lights turning themselves on? Check. An unexplained presence? Check. These are all the things that the England cricket team reportedly experienced during their stay at the Langham in London. Some of the players were apparently so unsettled by the haunted happenings that they refused to stay there any longer. Clearly, they weren’t impressed by the hotel’s list of ghostly residents, which reportedly includes Emperor Louis, Napoleon III, and a German prince.

The Stanley Hotel – US

This is for the fans of the psychological horror film ‘The Shining,’ who should recognize this hotel as the one from the movie. It’s not just its association with the Stanley Kubrick picture that gives it a haunted feel, though. This Estes Park, Colorado, hotel has supposedly had plenty of ghost sightings in the past, along with reports of piano music playing out of nowhere. That, combined with its appearance in ‘The Shining,’ means it should absolutely be on your bucket list.

Plenty of people would hear about these hauntings and refuse to go anywhere near the hotels. If you’re not easily scared and are intrigued by the mystery goings-on, though, these places are definitely worth visiting. We just can’t promise you’ll have a peaceful night’s sleep.