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The Most Amazing Libraries You Can Spend The Night In

For passionate readers, there’s nowhere better to be than a library or bookstore. It’s here that you can explore thousands of different worlds without ever having to go anywhere. Some places don’t even make you leave when the sun goes down, offering overnight stays so you can stay curled up with a good book for as long as you want.

Shakespeare and Company, France

Free accommodation is always a bonus, especially to anyone working on a budget. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the Parisian bookstore Shakespeare and Company offers. Well, there’s no financial cost, anyway. Visitors are expected to read every day, offer some help in the bookstore, and leave behind a page about themselves for the records. As prices go, though, that’s pretty reasonable if you love books more than anything. Just note that the accommodation is relatively small, so you won’t get tons of privacy if you stay here.

Gladstone’s Library, Wales

In 1902, a library was opened in honor of William Gladstone. The man wanted a place where people could enjoy the vast collection of literary works that he’d picked up over the years. In the century since the library opened, the available books have grown in number to more than 150,000. What’s more, a residential wing has been built so that people can spend the night alongside this impressive collection. Rates are pretty reasonable, too, as a nod to Gladstone’s efforts to bridge the financial gap between academics.

Tsutaya Book Apartment, Japan

Shinjuku has so much for visitors to see and do, but not everyone is interested in exploring the area. Some prefer to switch off from the outside and lose themselves in the Tsutaya Book Apartment. This place is open 24 hours a day, with opportunities to read in public or private. Women who want to feel a little safer can spend time on the women-only floor, while anyone wanting to freshen up can jump in one of the available showers. Use of the Tsutaya Book Apartment works on a pay-by-the-hour basis, so the longer you’re there, the more you spend.

La Librairie, France

Paris really is the place to be if you love reading. La Librairie is another place worth visiting if you want to read to your heart’s content. The accommodation is full of modern comforts, including free wi-fi, speakers, and a Nespresso machine. The walls are also well-insulated, so you don’t have to worry about the sounds from outside disrupting your reading time. Everywhere you go, there are bookshelves filled with things to read, so you won’t have to worry about finding something to keep you entertained. Plus, La Librairie is located in the Marais district, so there are plenty of trendy spots to check out if you want to take a break from reading.

In a world dominated by smartphones, television, and other digital devices, it’s nice to get lost in a book every so often. These places all understand the importance of that, which is why they’re worth visiting if you’re a bookworm. You won’t walk away feeling disappointed.