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The Best Virtual Tours You Can Take Of Africa

There are plenty of amazing places worth visiting, but many people don’t have the time or money to go to all of them. Luckily, if Africa is one of the destinations on your list, these virtual tours should be to your liking. Designed to showcase all the incredible things the continent has to offer, you can feel like you’re on vacation without ever leaving your living room.

Looking over Victoria Falls

Waterfalls might not be a unique natural feature, but some of them can really take your breath away. Victoria Falls is one such waterfall. This feature is one of the very reasons that Zambia is worth visiting. Of course, thanks to a virtual tour, you don’t even have to travel to see it. You can appreciate the immense size and beauty of this waterfall through your computer, with the added bonus of learning about what lives there and how the landmark came to be.

Cooking Moroccan food

One of the benefits of visiting different parts of the world is that you can sample the local delicacies. While you might not be able to do that on a virtual tour, you can learn how to cook this traditional cuisine so you can enjoy it at home. A brother and sister duo offer classes on cooking a Moroccan dish, with a great insight into the various ingredients that are required. It’s a great way to learn more about African culture and add a new meal to your arsenal.

A South African safari

When you think of what Africa has to offer, wildlife is usually something that comes up. Many of the animals you find here aren’t too common outside of the continent, not unless they’re in zoos. If you want to see hippos, giraffes, lions and all these other creatures in their natural habits, you can tune into the twice-daily drives that &Beyond do on social media. The three-hour live streams take you through the Ngala and Djuma Private Game Reserves for what will easily be the cheapest safari experience of your life.

Paragliding over Cape Town

Want to see a bird’s eye view of South Africa but are too scared to go paragliding? If so, then this virtual tour is for you. You can watch from your sofa as the camera slowly glides over Cape Town, giving you a perfect view of where the mountains meet the coast. It has all the excitement and beauty of the paragliding experience without any of the fear that comes from running off a cliff.

Exploring the pyramids

If there’s one landmark that’s worth seeing in Africa, it’s the pyramids. These massive structures still confuse and amaze people to this day, and you can now explore them without having to cope with the Egyptian heat. Google Maps lets you walk around the pyramids and learn everything there is to know about them, just like the authentic tour guide experience.

While virtual tours might not quite compare to seeing things in person, these experiences should definitely help satisfy your wanderlust cravings for the time being.