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The Best Private Islands You Can Buy Right Now

Let’s face it; many of us dream about packing our bags and moving away from the rest of the world. What if we can go one better: your own island. That’s right; these are the best private islands you can buy right now.

Kalgin Island – Alaska

Team wilderness with tranquility, and you have Kalgin Island. While it’s not strictly a private island, it is a five-acre beachfront property surrounded by thousands of acres of private land owned by the state of Alaska. There are no neighbors for miles and tons of hiking trails and wildlife in their place. Purchasing Kalgin Island means you could be the proud owner of a two-story cabin that comes complete with electricity and running water.

Howard Island – Michigan

This private island is just 12 miles from the border of Canada, meaning there is scenery and wildlife in all directions. Howard Island comes with a cottage, complete with large bay windows. Sunset watching, anyone? Just don’t forget to leave time for some stargazing and a cozy rest in front of the fireplace. Oh, did we mention there are also rock pools, woods, and a place to dock your own boat?

Gillis Island – Prince Edward Island, Canada

Gillis Island has been pretty much untouched since settlers rested here in 1750. Buying this private island means there is plenty of time to watch the local foxes, dig for clams and oysters, go kayaking, and enjoy a canoe ride. The island’s breathtaking forests sure are enough to draw in the nature lover within many of us.

Bocal Island – Nicaragua

Looking for the Caribbean lifestyle? Welcome to Bocal Island. The private island comes with a two-bedroom home that’s in need of a little work. Thankfully, the two-and-a-half acres give you plenty of reason to put in the world. Once complete, you can enjoy time under the sun as you pass the day swimming and snorkeling to the backdrop of coconut trees.

Wild Cane Key – Panama

This private island is great for anyone that loves partying and water sports. The area is known for its wild parties, while the sportier types are often seen riding the waves of the sea. Wild Cane Key comes with almost three-and-a-half acres of coconut palms for your next party. The private island is also surrounded by crystal-clear water for those moments when you need to cool down.

Motu Tohepuku – French Polynesia

It can be hard to put a price on tranquility. Still, they might have done it when Motu Tohepuku was added to the private island market. The island is free of any buildings, meaning you can build your dream home wherever you like. There is plenty of space to choose from thanks to the 19 acres and private beach that make this place complete. Don’t forget the frolicking dolphins that often swim past the white-sand beach, too.

If you’re looking for the best private islands you can buy right now, then you might have some decisions to make. How are we supposed to decide between all this peace and tranquility?