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The Best Places In LA To See The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign has long been a famous landmark of Los Angeles. It’s home to the stars and where people try to turn their hopes of becoming an actor into a reality. Although it can be spotted from many locations in LA, these are the best places to see the famous site.

Hollywood and Highland

Perhaps the most authentic place to spot Los Angeles’ famous sign is right in the heart of Hollywood. There are observing platforms at this shopping mall for people to get unrestricted views of the famous sign. The platforms are located on the Walk of Fame right by the Chinese Theater so you can spot your favorite celebrity hands in the concrete and hunt down their stars.

Griffith Observatory

The view of the Hollywood sign was almost completely ruined after property developers threatened to take over the site in 2010. It wasn’t until a last-minute donation from Hugh Hephner that the fundraising goal of $12.5 million was met and the site was saved. Thanks to the donations the Griffith Observatory remains one of the best places in the city to see the Hollywood sign. Just a short walk from the observatory’s parking lot is an amazing spot to see the iconic sign in all its glory.

Take a hike

Griffith Park gives people a closer view of the sign than they would otherwise get. There are several routes to Mt. Hollywood from the parking lot of the observatory, but the main route brings you pretty close to the sign to view it in comfort. Hikes to see the Hollywood sign are popular among locals and tourists, and another favored route is the three-mile loop from the Greek Theater on Vermont Canyon Road.

Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Why use your own two feet when you can get to see the Hollywood sign on horseback? You can head to the Sunset Ranch Hollywood to take a guided horseback ride along a trail through the mountains. It is the only ranch in greater Los Angeles, and it takes you through the Hollywood Hills, but there’s more to this place than meets the eye. The ranch also offers sunset rides, and will also put you in your very own Western thanks to the location and sunny weather.

Take to the sky

While it might be fun to take a hike and see the Hollywood sign from the ground, there is no denying one of the best ways to see the sign is from the sky. There are many helicopter tours operating around the city that cover the main town of Los Angeles and head all the way to the coast. By air, you can get the ideal view of the Hollywood sign without having to elbow people out of the way for the perfect photograph.

The Hollywood sign is a must-see for anyone who visits LA. The iconic landmark has been bringing people to the city for many years, and these are the best spots to see it from.