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The Best Nations For Solo Travelers From Any Walk Of Life

There are times that some of us want to be surrounded by people. Then, there are times we want to be left entirely alone. Perhaps you need a proper break from the grind and want to explore places others aren’t interested in seeing? Thankfully, the best nations for solo travelers from any walk of life should have you covered.


There is something about Japan that many feel makes it seem like it was designed for solo travelers. It’s so simple to get around, accommodation is around every corner, and there are so many things to see and enjoy. From the ancient temples to the modern cities and everything in between, Japan is one of the few nations with something for people from all walks of life.

Source: Camping Iceland


If you’re looking for time to think and complete solitude, you might want to book a ticket to Iceland. Solo travelers can experience everything on offer for couples or groups but get a feeling that’s hard to beat. After all, there’s nothing like staring at the Northern Lights or glistening stars without anyone there to interrupt your thoughts.


Island hopping is something plenty of travelers dream about, so why not give it a go in one of the best spots? That’s right; a trip to Greece means you can take in delicious food, beautiful surroundings, and gorgeous weather, all while learning how to navigate the islands. It’s a great place for solo travelers to start, especially if you want to learn how to travel alone.

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Rwanda likely isn’t someone that comes to mind when thinking of somewhere for solo travelers, but it’s quickly becoming one of the more popular options. There are so many ways to explore the area that no one should find themselves stuck. Thankfully, the nation is fairly well-connected, meaning you should have no trouble getting around. Of course, you can’t forget about the gorillas either.

New Zealand

What is it about New Zealand that just seems right? Everything. The nation has no problem maintaining its title as one of the safest on the planet, which makes it even more enticing for solo travelers. It’s probably not until you take in the rolling hills and unbelievable sights for yourself that you might realize why so many people come to New Zealand to find themselves.

Source: Where Is Tara

East Coast Australia

Let’s face it; Australia is huge. While the entire thing is one of the best nations for solo travelers, we’ll keep it specific with the East Coast. There are so many different ways to get from Adelaide to Brisbane, but don’t forget to stop off at the many places to see and experience along the way. The best bit? Australians are known for being social, so you’re never too fat from a conversation if you want.

There are vacations, and then there are the best nations for solo travelers from any walk of life. These are the ones that can give us experiences unlike anything else on the planet, all while getting away from the rest of the world.