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The Best Fall Trips To Take Across The World

The best fall trips across the world are great for so many reasons. Want to enjoy a last-minute break? Perhaps you’re looking for the last of the year’s sun? Whatever the case, look no further, as there are plenty of hidden options out there in the world.


Alaska might not be at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to the best fall trips, but this is the best time to spot brown bears filling up on salmon for the winter. Plus, taking a cruise means you can enjoy the migrating humpback whales and Northern Lights that decorate the sky most nights.

Puerto Rico

One of the best things about Puerto Rico is you can enjoy everything from a long weekend to a full-blown vacation. Thankfully, it’s a great fall trip for anyone wanting something a little more physical with all the sports on offer. Hiking, surfing, cave tubing, anyone? There’s certainly no shortage of things to keep people busy during a vacation to Puerto Rico.

São Miguel – Azores

São Miguel has long been praised as one of the best surf spots in Europe. Thankfully, heading for a trip in the fall means you can still enjoy the reliable waves that come at this time of year. Although São Miguel is great for advanced surfers, it’s also a brilliant place for beginners to learn how to surf.

Molokai – Hawaii

Fall has always been a great time to visit Hawaii, as the hotel prices drop, temperatures are in the 70s region, and crowds are few and far between. Molokai is an excellent option for someone in need of a fall trip, as it comes with everything most people want from a trip to Hawaii without the tourism.

La Paz – Mexico

Have you ever wanted to swim with a whale shark? Now could be the time, as whale shark season starts in October in La Paz. There are plenty of opportunities to swim responsibly alongside the animals, with hefty fines for anyone who breaks the rules.

Crete – Greece

Greece is great if you want some end-of-year sun to start the winter off on the right foot. Heading to Crete means visitors should avoid the bulk of the crowds that usually come with the more popular islands, such as Santorini or Mykonos, but still has everything from rugged mountains to ancient ruins to enjoy.


Yes, it turns out that Bermuda is actually a great place for a fall vacation rather than somewhere that should be feared. There are plenty of free-diving spots to take in some of the many shipwrecks, as well as some of the best places for cliff diving in the world. Just be sure to check the weather ahead of your vacation to avoid hurricane season.

Taking a fall trip is a great way to get away at the end of the year before the holiday season grips a lot of the world. Plus, you can still enjoy plenty of sun without the crowds. Does it get any better than that? That’s what we thought.