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These Photos Prove Taking The Subway Is Never Boring

The daily commute might seem tedious, but some people have gone all out to inject some fun into the subway.

The Underground. The subway. The metro. No matter what you call it, many of us have to deal with the same journey all around the world. The one where you climb down further than you ever thought you would go, stand on a crowded platform with everyone else, and try to squeeze onto a train. It might not be the most fun in the world, but we don’t often have much choice.

While some of us avoid the subway as much as possible, it looks as though some people might be enough of a reason to catch the train after all. Why? The world is a little less dull when there are people out there who make us smile – whether they mean to or not. If you can’t people watch on your way to and from work, then what’s the point of riding the subway? That’s what we thought.

Wrong horsepower

What happens when you have work at 3 and an epic sword battle at 5? It’s time to think on your feet – or at least take a leaf out of this knight’s book. We never knew that time management was such an important part of being a knight.

Who would have thought there’s organization to sword displays and jousts? You could have had us fooled. While a full suit of armor complete with shield might not be the easiest outfit to squeeze through those turnstiles or navigate around the subway, it sure is one way to make sure you don’t have to make awkward eye contact with other people.

Sadly, not everyone appears to be amused. The woman next to this knight seems to be thinking more “off with your head” than “where do I get my own suit?”

An invisible passenger

It might take a minute to get your head around this one, but it turns out that we’re not sitting next to the Invisible Man, after all. No, just someone that’s somehow managed to match their socks perfectly to the floor of the train. We’d love to know what they were looking for when they chose this pair.

Perhaps they have spent years taking the same journey to and from work all these years and wanted a way to remember their commute? Maybe they took one look at the floor and knew they just had to have that pattern in their outfit?

Whatever the case, it sure is a sight we’re sure this commuter didn’t think they would see on the subway. We wonder if their shirt helped them to blend into the seats, too?

Spot the scientist

We get the feeling this train ride might be packed with people on their way to a Bruce Willis look-alike competition. No, wait, it could be the Vin Diesel impersonation contest. Or was it the Jason Statham doppelgänger competition? Oh, we just can’t remember.

We’re starting to feel as though this person somehow found themselves caught up in the plot of a sci-fi movie where an evil scientist has been slaving away in a lab for years to replicate and clone the same person over and over again.

That or these men are all related and have some powerful genes that run in their family as well as a similar sense in fashion, of course. We just can’t accept that all these men happened to get into the same carriage and sit in a row by chance.

Pull up a seat

If there’s one thing that many of us have grown to hate, it’s trying to find a seat on the subway. It’s fine if you only have a few stops, but it can be pretty annoying when you have a long way to go, or you’ve been on your feet all day. It can be tough to unwind after a long day when you’re trying to hold onto an overhead strap for dear life.

The worst bit? They always seem to be too high for most of us, meaning we inevitably find ourselves smooshed into someone’s armpit. It’s not great.

Thankfully, it looks as though one commuter has found the perfect answer to the problem. All you need to do is carry a dining chair around with you all day, and you have a seat wherever you go.

Super punk to the rescue

Many people see a punk in the street and want to cross over and get out of their way, but would you believe that rockers can be some of the nicest people in the world? Sure, they love throwing themselves around to heavy music and dressing a little unconventionally to many others, but they are a family – and families stick together.

We can’t imagine having to carry one of these boxes up all those steps, let alone trying to get both of them to the top on our own. Thankfully, this punk was in the right place at the right time and helped this lady to the top with her things.

That’s not all. Someone else spotted the good deed and knew they had to take a snap to brighten other people’s days, too.

Catching up on sleep

Subways systems are a crucial part of cities all across the world. However, daily commuters might notice when there’s an event in town thanks to the unusual number of people on the train and their strange outfits. This person? They were lucky enough to see the after-effects on a group of men who had been to Oktoberfest.

Yes, we’re talking about the more than two-week-long festival where millions of people from across the world come together to enjoy a drink or ten. It’s the largest festival of its kind where the equivalent to more than three Olympic swimming pools of drink is enjoyed every year.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s against the rules to drink anything than the locally crafted drink inside the walls of Oktoberfest. We’re not surprised these guys need a nap.

Nothing to see here

It turns out that it’s not just us that have to stand and wait for the subway every day. Have you ever noticed all those pigeons who somehow seem to have made their way into the tunnels? They might have been planning something great all these years. Sure, many of us think that pigeons don’t think about much else than getting food, but we could have been wrong.

They might have been watching our ways and learning how to behave like us instead. Don’t say that you weren’t warned when the pigeon overlord takes over and rules the world.

While it might seem like a harmless pigeon waiting for the train, this is just the beginning. It won’t be long until they’re ruling out countries and writing our laws, too.

A moment in time

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? When life gives you the perfect photo opportunity, you better be sure to grab it with both hands. There is a good reason that we should be aware of our surroundings. No, we don’t mean keeping an eye out for any dangers that stand in our way, we’re talking about the hilarious moments that are just too good to be true.

It seems as though, like many of us living in the 21st century, this person would much prefer to take a snap of the moment rather than strike up a conversation with the stranger.

We can’t say that we blame them. We’re just sad to know that the person behind the magazine may never learn that they were a part of the most perfectly timed photo on the internet.

And a one, and a two

There are many ways to pass the time on the subway. Some of us like to try and catch a few more zs before we have to spend all day sitting at our desks. Others like to read their favorite book or get a headstart on work.

So what about when you want to practice on your homemade didgeridoo as you brush up on the skills that you need to become a one-man band? While being on a packed train might be enough to stop some people, it wasn’t enough for this man to break out his instruments and get playing.

We hope that he was skilled enough to take requests. After all, a rendition of Baby Got Back on this ensemble would probably be something our ears have never heard before. You do you, didgeridoo man.

Following the rules

Did you know there is a rule on the subway in New York that says you’re not allowed to take your dog on the train unless it can fit in a bag? It turns out there are some rules to the new restriction. You have to make sure that you’re pet isn’t going to annoy anyone else on the train.

Plus, owners have to store their pets in some kind of container or bag. Yes, those really are the rules. While large dog owners might have once thought that meant an end to their travels, it turns out the rule wasn’t going to stop them for long.

All you need is a large Ikea bag, and people suddenly have a perfect way to stick to the rules. As if that wasn’t enough, it certainly makes for some perfectly cute photos.

Fulfilling a need

Ok, this is taking things to a new level. If there is one thing that many of us have learned over the years, it’s the fact that the subway attracts all kinds of people. From those trying to get too and from work to people who have enjoyed a night on the town, it turns out that the subway has helped many of us over the years.

So what happens when you find yourself running short of time with no chance to head to the store or suddenly hungry as you try to make your way home?

Have no fear; this rolling grocery store has you covered. Yes, that really is a store in one of the carriages. It might look funny to start with, but you never know when they might have your back.

It’s all legal, honest

You know that you’re probably in for a good time when someone insists they don’t sell narcotics, and they just want to sell plants on the subway. Yes, you read that correctly. Somehow, this person has dragged an entire garden center worth of plants onto the subway and seems to spend their day traveling up and down the line trying to brighten people’s days.

There are times in our lives where you never know how much you need a giant potted tree until you don’t have one by your side.

This guy has you covered. To top it off, if the plants can survive traveling around on the subway, then the chances are they’ll make it in our house when we forget to water them for weeks or leave them in the sun for too long.

Huddle forward

The London Underground is a strange place. Many people travel from all across the world just to take a ride on one of the most famous forms of public transport in the world. Would you believe that most of the Underground isn’t actually under the ground?

Yup, it turns out that only 45% of the tracks are actually in the dark down below. The busiest station on the line is Waterloo, as it sees more than 100 million people a year, all part of the 1.3 billion journeys that are made each year.

While there have been many stories of ghosts haunting the lines and stations over the years, we’re not sure that we’ve ever heard of a colony of penguins taking over the tracks. Still, what’s a day in London without seeing something strange?

Paving the way

Believe it or not, but Germany has been the home of many incredible inventions over the years. Where would we be without the hole punch? Nowhere, but this German invention graced our lives back in 1886. The coffee filter is another thing that has made its way out of the country over the years, and most of us know where we would be without this in our kitchens.

That’s all thanks to a housewife who thought her coffee tasted a little bitter and knew she could make a nicer drink. Voila, the coffee filter was born.

While Germany might have paved the way for many great things in this world, it looks as though their subway door repairs might be a little behind the times. Bricks have fixed many things, but they’re not always the best option.

The ol’ switcheroo

Many dog owners would do just about anything to help their dogs. Now, it seems as though dogs are starting to have our back, too. While one man bends down to tie his shoes, his pooch is there to lend a helping paw and make sure that no one comes along and gets in his way.

Some people have tried to ignore what’s going on. Commuters have a funny way of putting themselves into a bubble and ignoring anyone that comes a little too close. However, others can’t help but notice this duo’s unique relationship.

We’re so used to seeing huskies pull sleds along and take us on a journey. It seems this dog has played their cards right and found themselves a way to hitch a ride instead. Well played, doggo.

Some personal touches

There are many ways to try and apologize to someone. Sure, you could try saying, “I’m sorry,” but we sometimes need a way to show that we really mean those words. A grand gesture could be all it takes to win someone back around and get them on your side. At last, we think there’s a way to apologize, which means most people will accept what we’re trying to say.

After all, pizza is mostly a guaranteed winner, right? We’re just glad to see this person has remembered a pen, or their grand idea could have gone down the pan before it stood a chance.

While we may never know what they did that meant they needed to try and apologize to someone, we can at least hope the person saw the funny side and enjoyed their pizza and note.

Keeping up with the times

Let’s face it; technology is changing so quickly that it can often be pretty tough to keep up. Many of us have found ourselves caught up in a new debate: do we really need wireless earbuds in our lives? They look sleek, they mean we’re a part of the 21st century, and we get to stay on trend. It’s hard to see any downsides, right?

That is until we realize they might be easy to lose, could fall out while we’re running for the train, or lose their charge and we’re suddenly out of music.

If you find yourself wondering whether to buy a pair of these or not, this photo alone might be enough to put you off the purchase. That is unless you want to add sticky tape to your list of accessories.

Left in their wake

Thankfully, there is a story that goes with this photo. It turns out that someone got to stand back and watch the latest practice match for the WWE championship take place at their stop. Ok, not entirely, but two women went head to head with one another. All that was left in their wake was a trail of hair as the station returned to normal.

Now, the station seems to resemble a barbershop floor rather than somewhere that will see hundreds of people pass through on their way to work.

This probably wasn’t the kind of entertainment this person expected to see as a part of their morning routine, but it sure is one way to wake up for the day. Judging by the amount of hair on the floor, we think the brunette might have won.

Stand out from the crowd

Some of us spend hours trawling through magazines looking for a new haircut while others can’t wait to get the latest trend of the time. Remember ‘The Rachel’? People across the world couldn’t wait to recreate the famous haircut, even though Jennifer Anniston later admitted that she didn’t like the hairstyle at all.

That doesn’t stop people from taking a look and running away with it. Before long, the style can be everywhere you look as it seems like people have been through a cut and paste machine at the salon.

Sadly, we’re not sure this style will have the same effect. It keeps out the sun and makes you stand out from the crowd, but that might not be for the best reasons. So long as he likes it, then that’s all that matters.

Caught in the act

Ah, the balloon bandit. It turns out there have been many who have taken the role upon themselves over the years. One person was caught and confessed that they got the idea when they saw a pack of balloons for sale in the Dollar Store.

They thought it would be a great way to make people smile as they saw something completely out of place on their commute. Adding a little joy to people’s commutes was enough to see them hide the animals on trains everywhere.

It appeared as though someone else had stepped into their shoes as they created some balloon animals on this carriage. While it might look as though everyone is enjoying the sight, the man reading his book knows that he’s been rumbled – and appears to love it.

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Albert made many great discoveries throughout his life. Of course, his theory of relativity – E = MC2 – is one of the most famous that has stuck in many of our minds, even if we have no idea what it really means. However, it seems that Einstein was also working on something else all that time that went completely unnoticed by the world.

That’s right; he must have created a way to live forever. That or he uncovered a way to time travel. How else would he be catching the subway?

It looks as though he’s gone unnoticed by most people for not, but this eagle-eyed commuter spotted the scientists and snapped proof before he was gone for good. Now, we just need to find out Einstein’s secret once and for all so we can all rock the eternal life look.

A living doodle

It might take a moment to notice what is wrong with this picture but take a closer look. Have you spotted it yet? Yes, that pen that seemed to make the perfect hair accessory has also given this person an unexpected tattoo.

It might be best to check the lid is on your pen before adding it to your hair unless you want to create your own piece of art on your neck. It’s certainly one way to give the kids something to do when you’re home.

After all, all they need are some colored pens, and your neck could become their next paint by shapes project. We bet that tickling feeling was annoying her the entire way home. We wonder how long it took for her to figure it out finally?

An unusual pet

There are dogs about how and when you can take pets on the subway. Did you know there are procedures you have to follow when you want to take your bananas on the train, too? No, neither did we, but it seems as though this woman is one step ahead of us all and clued up on everything there is to know about taking your fruit for a ride.

They are one of the most popular fruits in America, even though they considered to be a berry and grow on a plant classified as a herb.

It turns out they might also make great pets as well. You just need to make sure that you remember your banana is for life and not just for Christmas. Well, a week at the very least.

Once a cheat

Most of us like to get up and active at any opportunity. After all, there’s no point in wasting your life sat at your desk all day, is there? The best bit is that there are so many sports out there to try. From basketball to baseball and dancing to quidditch, there’s no end to the possibilities.

Of course, some games need some equipment before we can join in, but we’re sure there are rules about the size of the things you can use.

After all, we’re not sure of the last time we remember seeing someone playing tennis with a racquet that’s so large they can hit the ball from just about anywhere on the court. If you’re going to cheat at a game, you might want to find a way that’s not quite so obvious.

Blending into the background

There are some days that we think will never come. The moment we win the lottery. The time we get given a free holiday. When our boss says that we can take the rest of the week of work while still getting full pay.

While some of us like to keep our head in the clouds and think about all the incredible things that could be about to come our way, others find themselves caught up in one of those moments.

Ok, this moment might not change the world, but it’s not every day that we find ourselves on the subway only to see that we’re wearing the exact same pattern as the seats. We might not have to look far to try and uncover where this fashion designer got their inspiration.

Turn and run

Some moments in life leave us wondering if we will make it out alive. Many of us have seen the horror films that keep us up at night, but whoever would have thought we’d be the star of one? Who decided that it would be a good idea to make nuns look so scary?

Whoever it was, they seem to have succeeded with their mission. Now, it’s this person’s job to continue the legend and head around town terrifying anyone and everyone that spots them on the subway.

The sad part is, no matter how far you run, you will always run out of train carriages in the end. However, we’re not sure that it’s the nun that we need to be scared of. See that guy in the bottom corner? Now that’s a look that we’re worried about.

Part of a pack

It can be easy to spot when a local store has a sale. All of a sudden, you might find yourself surrounded by people with donuts or new shoes. Sadly, by the time most of us finally get there, all of the great deals are gone. Thankfully, it appears as though all three of these people managed to get to the store on time to get their hands on a brand new blue checkered shirt.

As if that wasn’t enough, their new bond now means they can travel the subway system showing their unique style off to the world.

This is one advertising campaign we’re sure the store never saw coming their way. Still, when you’re in the right place at the right time, you sometimes have to accept the fate that you’re handed without asking too many questions.

An extended nap

The morning routine is a cruel mistress that many of us have to bear. No matter how many times you hit the snooze button, you still have to get out of bed and try to face the day. Some days, it can be even tougher to get out of bed.

We’re talking about the cold mornings, the rainy days, and the times when you stayed up a little too late the night before. Why does work always have to come around so quickly? While many of us have had to face the battle head-on and get ourselves out of bed…

One person thought the struggle was all too real and thought that if they couldn’t bring their work to bed, then they would take their bed to work instead. We’d love to know how they got it down the stairs.

Cracking the code

There are some days where it feels as though everything is against you. It appears that this leprechaun has seen better days, but that’s nothing a few stops on the subway can’t cure. Sure, he might have been trying to hunt down the end of the rainbow on foot, but why waste your energy when you could let the train do all the hard work instead?

It looks like he’s moving from one rainbow to another as this leprechaun has his bags packed and is bringing them along for the ride. Perhaps we’ve got this all wrong?

Maybe he isn’t running away, but is actually on his way to stock up the end of the rainbow? That would certainly explain the huge bags and the train ride. At last, we think we might have cracked the code.

Right place, right time

There are moments in life that are too good to miss. Thankfully, this is one of those times. While one commuter is engrossed in his phone and trying to avoid all eye contact with anyone else on the train, someone broke the rules and looked up from what they were doing. What were they thinking?

That’s not how people are supposed to behave on public transport. However, we’re grateful they did decide to break their gaze, or we could have missed out on this perfectly timed photo.

We just wish this was all an illusion, and the man really was wearing a tiny bowler hat. That sure would be one way to keep things interesting on the subway, but we’ll settle for this snap if it’s the best we are going to get.

Don’t disrupt the peace

If you’ve never been to London before, then you might want to take a crash course in how the British like to behave just, so there’s no confusion as you try to navigate your way around the city. People in The Big Smoke are known for many things.

They love to line up and will tut and huff at anyone that dares interrupt their organization. Plus, people in London and across the rest of the country prefer it when people don’t try to make conversation.

That is unless you have a mundane comment to make about the weather or the fact that the train is late again. This can also be an excellent time to try out that sighing you’ve been working on. Some people just need a little reminder not to come off like they’re having a good time.

Definitely not books

Just because you stick a label on it, doesn’t mean that it becomes something else. We’re sure you’re not technically meant to take birds on the subway, but someone had places to be and birds to take. They were left with no choice but to hope no one spotted their winged addition.

However, things might have gotten a little interesting when their bird started to make some noise. After all, it might be tough to explain what that flapping and squawking is coming from inside the box.

As if that wasn’t enough, the person was kind enough to leave air holes in the box only for their bird to take full advantage of the situation and reveal themselves to the world. They say you should never work with animals, and this defiant bird is helping us to see why.

The smell of the sea

Some commuters spend their day wishing they were anywhere else but on a train. After all, there are so many wonderful places in the world they could be rather than trying to get too or from work. Some long to be tucked up in bed away from the hustle and bustle taking place outside their window.

Others wish they were at the park with their dog as they take in the crisp fall leaves and cold air. It appears as though many people also wish they were relaxing on an exotic beach far, far away.

Why dream about where you could be when you could make it happen? Sadly, tickets to the beach can be pretty expensive. Have no fear; a trip in this train carriage will give you all the nightmares from the beach that you could ever imagine.

Keeping people away

There are many ways that you can get people to give you your personal space. Some people opt for a scary outfit to keep people at bay. Others choose to keep their elbows out to make sure that no one gets to close.

If you’re brave enough, you can even start to manically hum to yourself and cackle uncontrollably to keep people away. They all seem like a little too much effort, right? That’s certainly what this person seemed to think.

Instead, they opted to take their snake out for a ride and keep people away from their personal space all at the same time. It might not be the best option for those of us with a fear of snakes, but it sure is great for those with a slithery friend by their side.

Riding with a legend

We thought that Robert Downey Jr. had given up on his role as Iron Man? After all, with an exit from the franchise like that, there’s not much coming back from the edge. Sadly, it looks as though he can’t let go of his role just yet.

He’s been a part of the Marvel Universe for so many years, and that isn’t something you can just forget about overnight. While some actors like to take memorabilia from the movies with them when they leave, it looks as though Robert prefers to remind everyone about the job he once had as he now rides the subway back and forth through the city.

All day. Every day. Although this might just be someone that looks scarily like the Hollywood superstar, we’re sure that plenty of people have asked for his autograph.

Coming out of his shell

This looks like a typical person on the subway, right? Well, it turns out that things aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes, you have to look a little closer to see someone’s true personality. While this man busies himself going through paperwork, someone else on the subway noticed his backpack.

Yes, that really is a giant turtle shell. Just because you work in the city and have to wear a suit for your job, it doesn’t mean that you need to lose all of your passions and quirks that make you unique.

Maybe he hasn’t even got the job yet? Those papers could be this guy trying to brush up on his interview questions. Showing off that backpack sure is one way to show your potential boss that you know how to have fun.

What a cute baby

You either have fashion sense, or you don’t. The trends move so quickly that it can often be tough to keep up. Thankfully, the world is focusing on sustainable fashion more than ever in a bid to make the industry as eco-friendly as possible.

Perhaps there’s a chance that all of those clothes for our former days might make a comeback after all? We can dream. If you already felt as though you were falling behind in the fashion game, then it might be time to look away as this is one of the most fashion-forward dogs we’ve ever seen.

Aviator hat? Check. Couldn’t care less look? Check. A stroller that shows the world you’re too good to walk? Triple check. We don’t know how this dog got to this stage in their life, but we want to know their secret.

Hungry train doors

There are moments in our lives when we realize it could be worse. While one train full of people got to appreciate that their lives might not be so bad after all, someone was left feeling defeated for the day.

Unfortunately, it seems that when one person jumped off the train and ran to work, their timing was a little off as their lunch got left behind. They were left with no choice but to watch the train pull away, knowing they would probably never see their lunch again.

The saddest part? When the train pulled into the next station, everyone else left in the carriage would have seen the lunch fall sadly to the floor without its owner. Hopefully, someone else was able to enjoy the meal so that it didn’t completely go to waste.

The keeper of time

All kinds of people need to ride the subway. While many of us might have heard of Father Time, not everyone has heard of Mother Time. We’re not sure how we managed to uncover her secret. We just have a tingling feeling that we might be onto something. However, it seems as though she might be new to the scene.

She’s earned her giant clock, but she hasn’t quite mastered all of the new powers that she’s earned. It appears as though that could be why she’s brushing up on her knowledge with her mysterious book.

We’re just glad to see that Mother Time seems to be just like anyone else that we’d see in the street. The thought of the minutes disappearing might not be as scary as they once seemed.

Seeing double

You’re a poet, and you didn’t even know it. So what about being a model outside of your bubble? Ok, we admit it, that one doesn’t quite have the same ring. While we need to brush up on our rhyming skills, one person was blown away when they spotted their doppelgänger on a billboard at the subway station.

It’s almost too good to be true. Maybe this guy has a bizarre sleepwalking habit that he never realized?

One that means he heads down to a local modeling agency, signs himself up, arrives at a shoot, poses in front of the camera, and returns home all in one night without waking up. That might be a bit of a stretch. At the very least, it turns out this guy has someone in the city who looks just like him.