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Spine-Chilling Horror Movie Locations We Can Still Visit

The spooky season comes once a year, and many can’t wait to enjoy all things spooktacular to spice things up for the night. Want to go the extra mile and experience something like never before? It could be time to take advantage of the spine-chilling horror movie locations we can still visit.

The Potter Schoolhouse – The Birds

It might be an oldie, but ‘The Birds’ is most definitely a goodie. The 1963 horror featured a scene in the Potter Schoolhouse, where everyone tried – and failed – to run away from the birds, with the original building standing since 1873. It’s been many things throughout the years, but it’s now a private home, meaning we need to admire it from a distance.

The Exorcist Steps - The Exorcist
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Exorcist Steps – The Exorcist

That fatal fall by Damien Karras while trying to run away from his possessed tween was a scene that many knew would instantly go down in history, but no one entirely knew how legendary the Washington, D.C. stairs would become. If you want to see ‘The Exorcist’s famous staircase for yourself, you might need to prepare to wait in line.

The Gas Station – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

There are horrors, and then there’s ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ What’s supposed to be a moment of hope quickly turns into a moment of horror for Sally Hardesty has now become a huge tourist spot for anyone in the area. Those in Bastrop, Texas, can enjoy plenty of movie memorabilia with a short stop at the eerie gas station all these years later.

Oakley Court - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Source: xameliax

Oakley Court – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Long before it earned a reputation for being one of the most luxurious hotels in the area, Oakley Court was nothing more than a rundown Victorian mansion that was the perfect place to shoot ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’ The Windsor hotel has been in several movies throughout the years, with guests able to check in and enjoy it for themselves.

The Myers House – Halloween

Ah, ‘Halloween’ – and we don’t mean the holiday. The slasher movie paved the way for those to come, with the house becoming a character in its own right. You’ll need to travel to South Pasadena, California, to see it for yourself. Here, you can enjoy seeing one of the most iconic film houses and the believed oldest in the area.

Seneca Creek State Park - The Blair Witch Project
Source: Live And Let Hike

Seneca Creek State Park – The Blair Witch Project

Making it through an entire viewing of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ can often feel like an initiation, with the shaky camera and uneasy setting leading to some terrifying experiences. Still, if you want to enjoy your own supernatural horror, then all you need is a trip to the Seneca Creek State Park in Maryland to try it for yourself.

The spine-chilling horror movie locations we can still visit might not be to everyone’s tastes, but they are perfect for those looking to add something spooky to the season. What better way to get your heart racing than by seeing where our favorite horror films have been brought to life?