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Secret Islands in Europe You’d Be Mad to Miss out on

Europe has many hidden treasures just waiting to be explored. We know about most of the countries on the continent, but what about the secret islands? These islands are some of Europe’s best-kept secrets, and once you learn about them, you’d be mad to miss out.

Pico Island, Portugal

Pico Island is so far away from Portugal, you might not even be able to see it when you visit. The island is far out into the Atlantic Ocean, and the climate is a little different from Portugal’s too. You won’t need your flip flops here, instead you’ll need a good pair of walking boots to explore the volcanic landscape of the island. Pico Island is actually one of the world’s best locations for whale watching, and from March to October is the best time to go for this. Aqua lovers can even dip their toes into the water, and if they are lucky, they can swim with dolphins.

Prangli, Estonia

With over 2,000 islands to choose from, it’s no wonder some of the best-kept island secrets in Europe are found in Estonia. The icy waters of Prangli are not the most inviting for a swim, but you can warm yourself up in the saunas and cabins found all over the island. Not much seems to have changed on the island in the past 600 years, and you can find Soviet trucks alongside unspoiled villages. You can explore the entire island in a day by bicycle, but the longer you stay, the more you’ll fall in love with Prangli.

Port-Cros, France

The French Riviera is one of Europe’s top vacation destinations during the summer months due to the amazing weather and laid back lifestyle. It can get a little crowded, but there is one island where this is not a problem. Port-Cros is protected as a nature reserve, which means cars and even bicycles are banned from heading to the island. Instead, people can only explore Port-Cros by walking, but it’s worth it. The white beaches are a nice distraction from life, plus the crystal clear waters are ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Hiddensee, Germany

Even the name of this island makes it seem as though it’s trying to avoid being found by people. Hiddensee is found in the Baltic Sea, and it’s perfect for people who love diving. The waters here are rich with amber, and you might be fortunate enough to find some while you are diving. If you do find some amber in the water, or you notice it washed up on the beach, take it to a local jeweler and they will make it into something special for you. There are a lack of cars here too, as horses and carts are the chosen form of transport, giving the island a sense of being lost in time.

Europe has many hidden secrets, including these islands. If you want a European vacation with a difference, then why not check out one or two of these islands in the future?