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Relax And Unwind By Visiting The Quietest Places On Earth

Do you ever have trouble trying to find some proper peace and quiet at home? If so, it might be time to take a vacation. You probably don’t want to go from one noisy location to another, though, which is why you need to travel somewhere in particular. More specifically, you need to go to one of the quietest places on Earth.

Makgadikgadi Pans (Botswana)

If you travel to Botswana during the dry season, there’s a good chance you’ll find an empty stretch of land all to yourself. Makgadikgadi Pans – a salt flat spanning 1,506-square-miles – is almost devoid of wildlife at this time of year. There will be little to capture your attention as you gaze out onto the horizon, and that includes noise.

Landmannalaugar (Iceland)

When it comes to gorgeous scenery, Iceland never disappoints. It has some phenomenal sights, from volcanoes and fjords to lagoons and geysers. The beauty isn’t just in what you can see, though. It’s also in the wonderful stillness that prevails in some of the country’s quieter regions. Landmannalaugar is reportedly best for this, with the area home to very quiet open roads. You can go for miles without crossing paths with anyone else, which means that silence is guaranteed.

Kielder Mires (England)

What defines how quiet a place is? In England, an area’s distance from roads or flight paths is one of the most critical factors. That played a role in Kielder Mires being named the quietest part of the country. Just outside of the Scottish border, this natural area of land is the perfect place to visit for a bit of peace. The only sounds you’re likely to hear are those of water, wildlife, and maybe the wind. In developed countries like England, that’s about as quiet as things get.

Olympic National Park (Washington)

Somewhere that’s a bit closer to home if you’re not willing to travel far is Olympic National Park. Much like Kielder Mires, the only sounds you’re likely to encounter here are those of the natural world. Even those noises disappear from time to time, though. It probably helps that the area is regularly checked for noise intrusion to ensure that the peace of this sanctuary isn’t interrupted.

Zürich (Switzerland)

Putting a city on a list of the quietest places on Earth might seem counterintuitive. However, a survey did identify this Swiss region as having the least noise pollution in the world. That’s based on research by the World Health Organization and over 200,000 hearing tests, so you can trust that the results are accurate. Zürich is a great place to go if you wish to stay close to civilization while keeping noise levels to a minimum.

Some of these locations might not offer much in the way of accommodation and the like for you to enjoy a vacation there. However, there’s no denying that they can provide the peace and quiet you’re probably eager for. That’s why they’re at least worth a visit, even if you only stay in the area to decompress.