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Pakistan Is the Number One Destination to Visit in 2020

The travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler has voted Pakistan as the Number One Best Holiday Destination for 2020. The South Asian country is the fifth most populous country in the world, and now, more than ever, it should be on your travel-to list.

An adventure to remember

Many people like to seek adventure on their vacation, and Pakistan will definitely give you that. It is still not that accessible, so it’s going to involve quite a lot of travel to get there. Once you are in Pakistan, you will have the wild landscape to contend with. It’s not uncommon to find yourself hitchhiking your way across the country in all kinds of vehicles, from tractors to fantastically painted buses. The roads are scary, and at times you may find yourself on a narrow road at the top of a cliff, but that’s all part of the fun.

Impressive landscape

The reason why Pakistan can feel like it’s not that accessible is because of its amazing landscape. There are plenty of green fields, and they are mostly all dwarfed by mountains on either side. There are more tall peaks in Pakistan than in both Nepal and China combined. It will amaze you to discover as you walk through Pakistan that very little seems to have changed in over 100 years, since the Mughal Empire reigned supreme. We can see ancient pathways from the gemstone mines that have been etched into the ground permanently by the yaks led along them for generations. The Karakoram highway remains one of the world’s most intriguing stretches of road, as it has been carved into ancient rocks and is at an extremely high altitude.

Putting the past in the past

One reason why so few people have visited Pakistan for decades is due to the perceived threat of terror. That is now changing, and the country has seen dramatic changes, with the hostile forces that once prohibited travel becoming subdued. Prince William and Kate Middleton even made a trip to Pakistan in 2019, which helped boost the popularity of the nation. The tourism industry in Pakistan is improving all the time, and as a new decade is ushered in, a new era of travel beckons.

Major attractions

It’s not all about trekking off the beaten path in Pakistan though, and there are plenty of things to see in the cities too. Lahore is one of the highlights as the city is often viewed as the cultural capital of the country. The Badshahi Mosque can fit up to 100,000 worshippers and must be seen on the inside to be believed. Street food is popular in Pakistan, and it really is delicious thanks to the spicy food on offer. Fairy Meadows is a must-see in Pakistan too, and this luscious patch of green is viewed as the most beautiful place in the country.

Travel in Pakistan is much safer than it used to be, but it is still worth checking on the situation before you visit. Once you arrive here you will be set for the adventure of a lifetime, and one you won’t forget in a hurry.