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These Pictures Prove There Is No Country Like Canada

Many people have lost their hearts to Canada over the years, and for good reasons. There are plenty of photos that show Canada is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Oh, Canada. The land of the paint roller, peanut butter, the pacemaker, and the basketball. Yes, all of those things really were invented in Canada. As if that wasn’t enough, the nation was also the birthplace of insulin after Dr. Frederick Banting first started work on the medicine back in 1921. It seems as though there’s no end to the number of things that have been thought up in Canada over the years.

Did you know that Canada is the second-largest country in the world? As if that wasn’t enough, the nation also has 20% of the world’s freshwater. It turns out that Canada has a lot more to it than first meets the eye. If you want to enjoy the longest skating rink around the globe, then you’ll need to head to Ottawa’s Rideau Canal. Once here, you can enjoy the world’s oldest rock as well as the longest street than any other nation.

Canada is unique, and there are many photos that go to show how special it really is.

Bacon-flavored goodness

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have bacon-flavored everything? And by everything, we mean everything. It turns out that you might not have to wonder too much if you head over to Canada. That’s because the nation has all of your bacon needs sorted thanks to their bacon ketchup.

Have no fear; we’re sure this condiment can be used on all kinds of food and not just bacon. Anything you fancy can be covered in bacon ketchup. Just don’t get too used to the taste because you might start to miss it by the time you get home.

Gone for good

Many of us have seen the Mega Stack Pringles, but not all of us have been lucky to get our hands on them. No longer do you have to worry about running out of potato chips anytime soon as Pringles has you covered. Sadly, it seems as though they won’t be around forever.

Like all good things, these Mega Size tubes must come to an end. The best bit? It appears that Canada feels just as bad about the entire thing. While we might have been upset to learn they were only around for a limited time before, their apology has helped us to feel a lot better about the entire thing. Thanks, Canada.

The sky is falling

There’s hail, and then there’s the kind of hail that you get in Canada. It looks as though you might not even be safe in your house anymore. In fact, those frozen balls of ice are so large and dangerous that they can take down planes and small children if you aren’t careful.

Ok, we might have exaggerated a little bit, but they sure are a lot more dangerous than people realize. There is a good reason people try to park their cars away from the weather in Canada. That is unless the golf ball dimpled effect is coming back into fashion anytime soon? That’s what we thought.

We want less

There are so many protests happening all around the world that it can often be tough to keep up with them all. Many people have gone on strike as they are overworked and underpaid. Canadians? Apparently, they walk out of the office because they are getting paid too much money.

Yes, that really happened. More than 700 doctors and medical staff who felt they were earning too much walked out of the hospitals as they protested to try and make sure that everyone was receiving equal pay. The best bit? They were backed up by the local residents and medical students.

Flick the switch

There are few places in the world where you can see Mother Nature working before your very eyes. Sure, snow can fall pretty quickly and make it look like a winter wonderland in just a few hours. Sadly, it usually takes weeks for it all to thaw out, leaving a slushy mess in its wake.

It’s almost as though someone flicks a switch in Canada. Are there public announcements? Does the change from winter to summer happen on the same day every year or do they get to vote? We wish that all season changes were this simple. Wouldn’t planning outfits be a lot easier?

Songbird o clock

Some days pass by with ease. It can feel as though just minutes have passed when really it’s almost the end of the working day and head home. Those are the days, right? Sadly, not every day can be so easy. Sometimes, we find ourselves staring at the clock wishing that time would pass just a little bit faster.

Sadly, you might find yourself a bit confused if you find yourself trying to understand what time it could possibly be thanks to some clocks in Canada. While some of us like to use numbers, others prefer to tell the time with birds instead.

Born to survive

There are some people that see extreme weather and laugh in the face of Mother Nature. These are the people that we need to fear. Why? When the next ice age hits or the world is overrun with life from another planet, the chances are these are the ones that are likely to survive.

They have an instinct in them to break the rules. Some of us love winter thanks to the hot cocoas, the snuggly blankets, and the Christmas movies. Others grab the same shorts and t-shirt combination they wear every other day of the year and head out. Apparently, many of these people live in Canada.

Beware of the moose

With so many different designer dogs on the market, it can be tough to keep up with all the new options. However, we never thought we’d see the day that breeders were able to create one that looked just like a moose. Oh wait, we’re in Canada. Yup, that really is the strangest pet we’ve ever seen in a while.

Did you know that a moose’s antlers can stretch up to five feet wide and weigh more than 65 pounds? Putting some numbers to the great beast makes them seem less of a cute and cuddly addition and more of a reason that we shouldn’t take Canadians for granted instead.

Part of the family

Many of us have our own Christmas traditions. Canadians? They have learned to embrace every animal across their nation – and even make them a part of the holidays. Beavers are so important across the country that they were named as Canada’s official animal back in 1975.

Did you know their teeth never stop growing? While this is often used to help make dams and homes for themselves, it turns out they can also keep them trim and in shape on Christmas trees, too. We’re just glad that someone has found a festive way to make the national animal a part of their day.

One for every season

It turns out that Canada really does have some strange weather systems. It can be tough to choose a favorite season, and even harder to decide where to head on vacation during each one. Thankfully, there could be an answer.

If you want to know what it’s like to enjoy every season at once, why not head to Canada? After all, you can enjoy the fresh flowers of spring, the sun of summer, the falling and changing leaves of fall, and the snow of winter. All you need to do is take a walk around the backyard, and it will feel as though you’ve been on a journey.

A new level

Ok, we get it; moose are more of an issue in Canada than first meets the eye, but how did they grow into a towering monster that can take down a car in one swipe? We’re starting to wonder if some kind of gamma-ray action has taken place. You don’t want to make the moose angry.

You won’t like the moose when it’s angry. As if running at 35mph wasn’t terrifying enough already, moose even have super wide feet that mean they can charge across the top of the snow. We think it might be time to call in the chopper and leave the new super moose to its business.

To the rescue

The police force are a funny bunch. If they’re not eating donuts or patrolling around in their car, then what are they doing with the rest of their time? There have been a handful of stories of police officers helping out those in need, but Canadian police don’t look for attention.

For them, it’s all a part of the job. One man could have found himself in a spot of trouble when he learned about the flat tire. That was until the law pulled up. Most of us want to avoid getting stopped by the cops, but in Canada, they really are a blessing in disguise. Not all heroes wear capes; some wear badges.

Nothing in the way

Snow if pretty fun. It’s perfect for snowball fights and making snowmen, sledding, and having a day or two off from school or work. That is until the boring parts of snow start to become an issue.

That’s right; we’re talking about the path clearing, the days where we have to get up early to clear the car, and the times when you open the door to find an avalanche of snow waiting to fall inside. If you’re bored of getting the snow off your car, then why not take a leaf out of Canada’s book instead? Just get going. The snow will have to fall off eventually.

Thanking thieves

Ah, you head outside to tend to your yard and find that your wheelbarrow is gone. What are you supposed to do? Most of us would spend the rest of the day wishing revenge on whoever took our things while some might even post a passive-aggressive message to social media, so their friends know how mildly irritated they are.

Not in Canada. Here, it seems as though it’s all about cutting to the chase instead. They want their wheelbarrow back? They need to tell the thief. However, it wouldn’t be a true petty crime in Canada without a thank you note to finish.

A dash of fun

While many politicians are known for their passion or controversial rulings, not many are recognized for their fashion sense. That is until we head to Canada and take a look at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It might look as though he is wearing a normal politician suit but look a little closer: his socks.

Yes, Canadian politicians seem to know how to have fun thanks to some colorful additions. From ‘Star Wars’ to polka dots, stripes to LGBT patterns, and national socks to rubber ducks, it turns out there’s no end to the fun. In fact, Justin’s socks are so popular that he has been hailed as helping fun sock sales skyrocket.

Waiting their turn

There are deer, and then there are the polite deer who live all across Canada. It’s not every day that you get to see two deer use a pedestrian crossing. However, it seems as though the national politeness and manners are so strong that it’s even rubbed off on the wildlife.

We wonder if Snow White is lurking in the woods? Perhaps Santa is somewhere looking for his lost reindeer? At this point, we’re starting to wonder if Canada is really home to all the Disney princesses and great saints and has been keeping them safe all this time. It seems like the only explanation at this point.

A feel-good moment

As sad as it might seem, there have been plenty of stories about kids having their lemonade stands shut down by the law. Yes, if they don’t have a business license and the proper permits to sell food and drink at the side of the road, then they could find themselves on the wrong side of the law – seriously.

However, if you want a feel-good story that could be enough to warm your cold heart, then it might be time to head to Canada. Rather than shutting this little girl’s stand down, the police officer pulled up to buy some delicious lemonade. Thankfully, someone was there to snap the moment and share it with the world.

Sticking to the rules

Some witches hide their powers from the rest of the world. Others have been forced out of their homes with pitchforks. Witches in Canada? As long as they are sticking to the rules, then it seems as though they are free to go about their business.

They are allowed to walk around with their broom, but they need to think twice if they want to switch up their transport. We’re not used to seeing witches on penny farthings, and this is a step too far for one neighborhood. If you look really closely, you might just see a law-abiding witch flying across the sky.

Too good to be true

There are some moments in life where it might be time to stop and think: “what would a Candian do?” If you find a broken machine and no one around to help, it could be time to start an honesty system instead. That’s just what happened in Canada when busy commuters were trying to catch the Metro to work.

The ticket machine had stopped working, and no one was around to take the money. Passengers decided to leave the money they should have spent on the top of the machine. That’s not all. No one stole any of it – even though there were hundreds of dollars in the open.

A pause in time

There are few things that are more important than heading to class. That is until it comes to a hockey game. All of a sudden, it’s free rein to run out into the hallway to be there for that – hopefully – winning moment. Hundreds of students and teachers gathered to watch the game as everyone wanted to be there to see who came out victorious.

There were no phones in sight, just pure anticipation. As if that wasn’t enough, schools aren’t the only ones that come to a standstill to watch the game. Politicians and the government have stopped their debates to watch the big game.

Feeling the effects

We’re feeling a little conflicted with this graffiti. Can someone really be that sorry if they still grabbed a spray can and sprayed the wall? We’re not sure anymore. However, it turns out there could be more to the story than meets the eye. Many schools around the world have started using the phrase “Sorry about your wall” and encouraging people to spray designated areas.

This is all in a bid to teach youngsters about the impact of graffiti and the punishments that could come as a result. Thankfully, it looks as though the polite graffiti has slotted into Canada with ease. Could it ever not?

Frozen in time

You thought you’d seen cold weather. Have you ever seen it so cold that it freezes your hair and eyelashes? There’s no need for makeup when it comes to winter in Canada as Mother Nature is there to give you the ice queen look for the season. Yes, it turns out that any little bit of moisture falls victim to the outside.

As if that wasn’t enough, some areas of the nation hold an annual frozen hair contest. People can sit back and relax in the hot springs. However, the air is so cold that it almost instantly freezes your hair. The bigger and more bizarre, the better.

Learning the hard way

Have you ever wondered why some signs are there? However, now you have read that you’re forbidden from doing something for no apparent reason, it’s all you can think about. It turns out that one hotel had to learn the hard way that bears don’t make good guests.

We just hope the hotel had the bare necessities to keep them happy. Perhaps they had porridge on the breakfast menu? So long as the bed was just right, then we’re sure the bear left a good review. It just seems those great creatures might be more hassle to accommodate than they are worth.

The perfect distraction

If there’s one thing that many of us can’t resist, it’s a dog in the streets. Add on a cute top and adorable hat, and that really is taking things to the next level. This dachshund was enough to capture the attention of everyone – including the local police force. We can’t blame them.

Who could resist those little legs? If you want to create a distraction while you get away with a crime, then all you could need is one dog and an outfit. Then again, we’re not sure that politely asking someone if you could take their car and walking away when they say “no” is really against the law.

Never too far

Some of us can’t wait for pumpkin spice season. However, there’s one flavor that seems to be more popular than ever in Canada. Yes, we’re talking about maple. Maple trees are so important to the nation that the leaf is even a part of the Canadian flag.

The leaf has come to represent a huge part of the country while the flavor has been a fan favorite for years. If you can’t wait to get your hands on your next bottle of maple syrup, then it could be time to invest in some maple water. It’s the great taste of maple in one helpful drink.