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Mini Crazy Golf Courses You Have To Visit

If you’ve been out on a lot of dates, the chances are that you’ve gone to a crazy golf course once or twice. These places are usually a fun way to spend a couple of hours, and they let you show off your competitive side without taking things too seriously. Of course, if you love golfing with a plus one, you may want to consider trying out one of these incredible courses.

Par-King Skill Golf, Illinois

Trying to get the best score is only half of the fun at Par-King Skill Golf in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Each hole is worth marveling at purely for the creativity and detail that went into making the obstacles. Going through the two 18-hole courses is like walking through a museum, only with the added bonus of getting to play golf. It’s a colorful and inspiring journey that culminates in the chance to win a free game if you get lucky on the last hole.

Treasure Island Adventure Golf, Auckland

Pirate-themed golf courses aren’t exactly rare. However, few places do it to quite the same level as Treasure Island Adventure Golf at New Zealand’s Auckland Airport. With a total of 36 holes across two separate courses, there’s more than enough pirate fun to fill up an afternoon. The real draw of this place is the features that accompany each hole, from the magnificent waterfalls to the life-sized pirate ships. You’ll leave this place feeling at one with the pirate lifestyle.

Around the World in 18 Holes, New York

If you’re in New York, a trip to the Lake George area is definitely worthwhile. That’s where you’ll find Around the World in 18 Holes, a golf course where each hole is inspired by a different country. Anyone who wants to see the world but can’t afford to do all the traveling that entails might benefit from a few rounds here. There’s also an Around the USA course here for anyone looking to road trip across the states without any driving.

Mayday Golf Center, South Carolina

It’s not often that golf courses come with their own narrative. At the Mayday Golf Center in South Carolina, though, that’s the major selling point. Your goal here is to make your way back to civilization after crashing on a tropical island. It adds some depth to the golfing experience that most courses don’t offer, and it can make you feel like you’ve really accomplished something once you finish the final hole.

Putting Edge Center, multiple locations

You don’t tend to get indoor golf courses, and the ones that do exist aren’t usually glow in the dark. That’s why Putting Edge centers stand out so much. With more than half a dozen locations across the US and Canada, these eye-popping attractions will make you feel like you’re in a Wonderland-esque dreamscape. The holes are as vibrant as they are inventive, using themes like under the sea and Aztec to create a truly unforgettable golfing experience.

If you’ve ever thought golf wasn’t worth your time, hopefully these amazing courses have changed your mind.