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Magical Treehouses We Can All Rent For The Night

If you feel like your last few vacations haven’t been that exciting, it might not be the location that’s to blame. Instead, it may be your accommodation. Perhaps you need to sleep somewhere a bit more exciting, such as a treehouse? There are some brilliant ones all over the world that can provide you with quite a unique vacation experience.

Sandane (Norway)

Scandinavia and minimalism go together wonderfully, so it’s probably no surprise to see that Norway offers treehouses that emphasize simplicity. There’s not much to keep you entertained here, but that’s the point. The wall of glass that offers you stunning views of Sandane’s scenery is all you really need. Plus, with your accommodation being up in the trees, there are tons of nature trails to explore right on your doorstep.

Nairobi (Kenya)

If minimalism doesn’t work for you, this Kenyan treehouse has you covered. It’s the definition of luxury with its large bathtub, log fire pits, and open terrace. Plus, with breathtaking views for you to enjoy from your spot in the canopy, you might find it hard to tear yourself away during your stay. It’s worth trying, though, because this treehouse is in the perfect spot for anyone looking to go on safari.

Sasaima (Colombia)

Colombia might not always get the best reputation, but it’s quite a beautiful country. The best way to see that for yourself is to stay somewhere out of the way, like in these treehouses in Sasaima. You’re several hours from the hustle and bustle of the capital here, with your accommodation nestled high up in the canopy. You get complete privacy in the en-suite bedroom, with rushing water and birdsong providing the soundtrack to your stay. The only time you have to see other people is when you use the shared kitchen and living areas.

Washington (United States)

If you equate staying in a treehouse with cutting yourself off from modern conveniences, then this treehouse in Seattle will serve you well. Electricity is minimal here, so you have little choice but to reconnect with nature during your stay. Located in Vashon on the river between Seattle and Washington, this rustic accommodation should help you escape the stress of your daily life. Plus, with the owners donating 10% of your pay to the Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust, you can rest easy knowing your vacation is helping a good cause.

Loch Lomond (Scotland)

Scotland doesn’t always have the greatest weather. However, if you get lucky with the sunshine during the vacation, you’ll be able to enjoy everything this treehouse has to offer. That includes the BBQ spot, outdoor bathtub, and more. Situated on the south of Loch Lomond, this accommodation is definitely worthwhile if you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner. Even if it does rain, the spot is so enchanting that you should enjoy yourself regardless.

A treehouse might not be your first choice for accommodation on your vacation. However, until you’ve stayed in one, you can’t be sure that it’s not the perfect choice for you and your loved ones.