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Kisawa Sanctuary Is The World’s First 3D Printed Retreat

People have been innovating ever since civilization first began. The human race has moved on from bashing rocks together, and we can print our very own homes. Kisawa Sanctuary in Mozambique is a first for the world. It is the first 3D printed retreat on the planet, and it’s opening its doors to people in 2020.

Reinventing the house

Many of us are making conscious decisions to be more environmentally friendly in our day-to-day lives. We are changing the way we run our homes to reduce our carbon footprints, but should we also be looking at how we build our homes in the first place? At Kisawa Sanctuary, many parts of the buildings that people stay in have been created using a 3D printer. It’s scheduled to open in 2020 on Benguerra Island, just off the eastern coast of Mozambique.

Minimally invasive

The idea behind the 3D-printed resort comes from Nina Flohr, an entrepreneur who has trekked all over the globe. The idea could become the blueprint to reduce the invasion of building projects while involving the locals as much as possible. We won’t have to ship materials all around the world using this model. Flohr says design has been used “as a tool, not a style.” The aim of Kisawa Sanctuary is to fully integrate it into its location both culturally and environmentally.

Helping the community

Flohr’s father, Thomas Flohr, was an innovator earlier in his life after becoming the mind behind VistaJet, the private aviation company in 2004. He had always aimed to innovate while committing to conserving. That is now the model for Kisawa Sanctuary as its villas and rooms are created from nothing but a computer design.

Each layer of the room is built up from nothing in the 3D printer until it becomes something. Part of this resort is to be 3D printed, but that’s not the only place in the local community that Flohr is looking to use the impressive printers.

Flohr is also aiming to use the technology at the Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies, the non-profit portion of Kisawa. The idea is to 3D print supports for coral reefs and marine habitats in the surrounding area.

Building from within

Not everything in Kisawa Sanctuary is 3D printed, and where possible local craftspeople have also been used. The decor of the guest rooms in the retreat include craftwork from local artisans. You will find carpentry and weaving techniques that have been used in the community for generations inside this resort.

Instead of transporting luxury materials halfway around the world, Kisawa Sanctuary prides itself on supporting local skilled workers. This helps to reduce emissions and to challenge us to redefine what we consider to be ‘luxury,’ as there is no shortage of craftsmanship at Kisawa Sanctuary.

Thanks to 3D printing, the only limit in construction now is our imaginations. Kisawa Sanctuary may be the first 3D-printed retreat, but it’s unlikely to be the last as businesses turn to focus on the sustainable.