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Incredible Wildlife Sanctuaries Found Across The World

Seeing wildlife is something many of us want to enjoy as we travel the globe. Perhaps that’s why so many people want to combine their love of nature with their vacations? Thankfully, these incredible wildlife sanctuaries found across the world are perfect for just the occasion.

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park – Australia

Australia is great for wildlife spotting regardless. However, the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park is perfect if you want to see wallabies, wombats, and koalas. Plus, the sanctuary offers day and night tours, meaning visitors can see the animals when they’re most active after the sun has gone down, perfect for anyone who wants something a little different.

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center – Malaysia

Vulnerable orangutans have been highly protected for years. Still, the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center has been working in Malaysia since 1964 and wants to save as many of the incredible animals as it can. Here, anywhere from 60 to 80 grown apes swing around the land. Plus, more than 20 orphans are learning all they need to know in the nursery. The center also takes in other animals, including elephants, sun bears, and gibbons.

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary – Senegal

Forty thousand acres of wetland make up Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary in Senegal, where at least 1.5 million birds benefit from the space each year. Dams were first built in 1998 to prevent flooding and create space for migrations and breeding grounds. Now, the sanctuary has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cornish Seal Sanctuary – UK

In 1958, an orphaned seal pup sparked something that’s lasted ever since. Ken Jones rescued the youngster and soon set about creating the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Here, the single pool has grown into a full facility that’s able to treat most sick or injured seals that make their way to the grounds. Although the sanctuary hopes to release most back to the wild, any who won’t survive are granted a permanent home.

Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary – South Africa

South Africa’s Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary is currently home to over 100 big cats, such as Bengal tigers, leopards, and lions. They live in the 3,000-acre park where they have a home for life, especially as they’ve all been rescued from the likes of canned hunting ranches, zoos, and private homes.

Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica – Costa Rica

1992 marked the year the Sloth Sanctuary opened its doors in Costa Rica, and it has been ever since. If you want to get close to the rescue sloths who are free to squeak, crawl, and climb their way around the sanctuary, then be sure to book into the on-site hotel. If not, the sanctuary offers plenty of tours throughout the day.

There are so many incredible wildlife sanctuaries found across the world that it can be tough to know where to begin. Thankfully, each of them does the best it can to help wildlife from the local area, often rescuing these animals and giving them a new lease of life in the best way.