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Incredible Villas Around The World That You Can Enjoy Some ‘Me Time’ In

If you’re the kind of person that loves to live a life of luxury, then we don’t blame you. After all, you work hard, so why shouldn’t you be allowed to enjoy the finer things in life? For many people, spending your vacation time in a hotel filled with other people doesn’t fulfill this luxurious quota, but you’ll be happy to know that there is an epic alternative. The world is full of incredible villas that are grand in every sense of the world, and they will guarantee you some serious ‘me time.’ What more could you possibly want?

Villa Biru, Bali

Bali is often considered to be one of the most luxurious destinations that the world has to offer, and its serene landscape is enough to make you feel calm in seconds. Bali is made up of countless little islands, and Villa Biru is located on the tropical island of Nusa Lembongan. The villa looks right out onto the ocean, and its thatched roof will make you feel like you’re living in outdoor luxury. As if these views weren’t enough, this villa also comes complete with four bedrooms, a yoga hut, two housekeepers, an in-house chef, and other members of staff to ensure that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Pure Luxe Provence, France

You can probably already tell by the name that this luxurious villa is going to be pretty special. Actually, this villa is technically a chateau, and it features the beautiful stonework that is so typical of this French region. This accommodation is large enough to sleep 24 people, but there’s no doubt about the fact that you could rent it out for a much smaller group if you wanted some serious alone time. It features a rooftop jacuzzi, a stunning outdoor pool, an outdoor theater, steam room, and so much more, and it’s not too far away from the local towns, historic caves, and famous golf courses.

The Observatory, South Africa

Located on the Leobo Private Reserve, The Observatory villa is everything you could possibly want and more. Sat amongst the secluded northern mountains in South Africa, this villa sits on a whopping 20,000-acre estate and offers endless views of the natural world around it. Staying at this villa will provide you with the ultimate safari experience, as you will be able to venture outside with your own personal guide to check out the local wildlife and see these animals in their natural environment. When you get back to the villa, you can take full advantage of the incredible architecture, the amazing views, the wraparound infinity pool, and the staff who are there to take care of you. As the sun sets, settle on the roof deck to stargaze in the clear skies.

If you’re looking for a secluded and luxurious villa stay, then look no further. These are some of the best villas around the world, and they really do need to be seen to be believed.