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Incredible Spring Getaways Hidden Across The World

Traveling is something that often comes up as soon as the sun starts to shine, and our mind wanders to lost summers under the sun. However, why wait for the summer when you can enjoy incredible spring getaways hidden across the world instead? There is certainly plenty to see and do as the new season comes.

Crete – Greece

The Greek islands have long been a favorite for people across the globe as each is filled with its own magic and wonder. They start to emerge from the winter months in March, making them one of the incredible spring getaways hidden across the world. Crete is just one on the list, as the ancient ruins teamed with the miles of hiking and stretches of beaches mean there is something for everyone.

Galápagos – Ecuador

The last few years have seen a boom in sustainable and responsible travel. Galápagos has quickly moved to the top of many people’s bucket lists, with spring a great time to visit the islands. Be sure to look for eco-friendly tours that mean you only leave your footprints when visiting the area, especially as Galápagos is filled with so many wonders of nature. Ultimately, if you’re responsible, then you can experience sights that are truly out of this world.

Phoenix – US

If you want to enjoy some heat without the temperatures that can be a little too much to handle in the summer, then it could be time to check out Phoenix in the spring. This is especially true if you’re a fan of baseball, as the Spring Training means there are plenty of games to see across the city, and hot dogs are around just about every corner. The best bit? You never have to travel too far to find yourself at the center of the action.

Amsterdam – Holland

Amsterdam is a great destination at all times of the year. However, a visit to the city in spring means you get to enjoy one of the most incredible times of the year: tulip season. They start to bloom from late March and last until mid-May, meaning there is plenty of time to take them in. Aerial tours are the best way to take in the tulips, but renting a bike and exploring the city from down below means you get to feel like one of the locals.

Cartagena – Colombia

The idea of spring is enough to see many of us want a little color in our lives. Perhaps that’s why Cartagena in Columbia is one of the incredible spring getaways hidden across the world? As well as being home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cartagena is also filled with the hip and happening Getsemani neighborhood and old walled city that add plenty of vibrant and multicolored streets and buildings. All of these are perfect for getting lost and exploring.

The most incredible spring getaways hidden across the world often leave people with a sense of wonder as each comes with its own feeling of liveliness and new life as the seasons start to change.