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Incredible Pyramids That Aren’t Found In Egypt

When we think of pyramids, there is a good chance that Egypt comes to mind. After all, they are probably the most famous collection of structures in the world. That doesn’t mean they’re alone. That’s right; these are incredible pyramids that aren’t found in Egypt.

Roman pyramids

Not everyone pictures Europe when thinking of pyramids, but it might be time to head there if you want to enjoy the Roman pyramids. That’s because it’s found in the middle of Rome and is none other than the Pyramid of Cestius. It was built to entomb the magistrate in 12 BCE and would have laid outside the city. This is because pyramids were never permitted within the city boundaries. However, it was eventually engulfed by Rome as the city continued to grow and the empire was born. It’s certainly one of the more unusual pyramids that lies hidden across the world.

Aztec pyramids

The Aztec pyramids have quickly become some of the more talked-about pyramids in the world thanks to various new discoveries each day. They are found across South America, and some believe there could still be a host of pyramids hidden in the dense rainforest. However, the ones we do know about are predominantly found in Mexico. They are only around half the size of Egyptian pyramids, with the tallest standing at 233 feet. However, the foundation of the pyramid is much larger than others, with the Pyramid of the Sun having a perimeter of approximately 3,000 feet and was constructed around 100 CE.

Chinese pyramids

There is no specific spot in China dedicated to pyramids as they are found across the nation. Like many others, they were used to pay honor to fallen emperors, but they are very different to most others. That’s because they have been crafted out of dirt and soil and covered in grass to make them look like natural hills instead of anything built by humans. Qin Shi Huang, the one behind the Terracotta Army and the Great Wall of China, is probably the most famous owner of a Chinese pyramid, while other former leaders have multiple pyramids to their name.

Nubian pyramids

You’ll only need to travel to Sudan to enjoy the Nubian pyramids. The region was once known as Nubia and is still home to various pyramids built in three areas: Meroe, Napata, and Kerma. It’s estimated that more than 250 pyramids were built over the course of 3,000 years, with the final appearing in 300 CE. Like the Egyptian pyramids, they were used as burial chambers for past rulers. However, unlike the Egyptian pyramids, these tend to be tall and thin rather than wider at the bottom.

If you want to enjoy history in an entirely new way to everyone else, then it could be time to look at the incredible pyramids that aren’t found in Egypt. That’s right; while the nation might be home to the most famous structures on the planet, there are plenty of other pyramids that come with their own amazingly historical tales.