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Incredible Nations That Know How To Bring The Holiday Season To Life

Sometimes, you don’t want to spend the holiday season at home. Instead, you want to get in your car or hop on a plane and see how another part of the world celebrates the festive period. It’s not an unreasonable desire, given that some nations bring the holiday season to life in the most amazing way.

Quebec City

You can trust somewhere like Quebec City to bring the snow for the holidays. However, that’s not the only way it brings the festive season to life. From the German market to the plethora of nativity scenes, there’s a mountain of things to see, do, and buy. Old Quebec always looks particularly festive, with the various decorations turning it into a picturesque holiday village. Further afield is just as seasonal, though, what with the opportunities for skiing, snow-shoeing, and snowmobiling.


Over two million people reportedly visit the festive market in Nuremberg every year. That’s no surprise, given what’s on offer here. Anyone looking for a meaningful gift made by hand is truly spoilt for choice at this market, with many of the 200 stalls selling such items. Other goods on offer include delicious local food and festive decorations, the quality of which may well exceed what you’d find at home. This, combined with the twinkling lights and cozy atmosphere, really make Nuremberg a place to be during the holiday season.


Given it’s known for warmer weather, Malta might not seem like the first destination you think of for celebrating the holiday season. However, the festive spirit is alive and well here, with nativity scenes, carolers, and dazzling lights on display wherever you go. You’ll feel wrapped up in holiday cheer here, even if the temperatures aren’t quite what you expect.

New York

It’s safe to say that New York is a city of tradition when it comes to the holidays. From the Radio City annual spectacular to the ice rink and decorative tree outside Rockefeller Center, NYC has been doing the same thing for decades. That’s not a bad thing, though; not when the city is so good at filling people with seasonal cheer. With Columbus Circle also hosting an extravagant seasonal market and the department stores boasting very festive window displays, New York doesn’t disappoint during the holidays.


Salzburg already looks like a festive dream with its snowy mountains and baroque architecture. Once you throw in the seasonal markets and Yuletide traditions on top of that, it’s clear this is a fantastic place to spend the holidays. Those who love some horror at this time of year should be particularly won over by the Krampus Runs. Here, people dress up as the festive beasts and roam the streets in search of naughty children, a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed.

Whichever one of these places you visit, you’re probably not going to be disappointed by the festive displays on offer. Each one truly brings the magic of the holiday season to life, which is precisely what you want at this time of year.