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Incredible European City Breaks For 2023

Eager for a city break or two this year? If so, it might be worth hopping across the Atlantic and visiting Europe. While the US is home to plenty of great cities, Europe has some of the best offerings in the world. Packed with culture, sights, and plenty of other perks, these places may well be calling your name in 2023.

Arles in France is an art lover's paradise
Source: Getty Images

Arles in France is an art lover’s paradise

Arles might not be the first place that people think to visit when it comes to France. However, maybe it should be. The city is home to a sensational art district featuring no shortage of incredible exhibitions and installations, including a tower of 11,000 metal panels by Frank Gehry. There’s also the Carrières des Lumières, where works of art are projected onto the walls of a limestone quarry.

Liverpool in the UK has a vibrant nightlife scene

Many people think of heading to London when they visit the UK, but why not Liverpool instead? This northern city has a lot going for it, especially once the sun goes down. Praised for having one of the best nightlife scenes in the nation, it’s definitely an excellent place to check out if you’re eager to party. Of course, there’s a lot to love about this city during the day, too, including the plethora of attractions centered around the Beatles, who hailed from here.

Kaunas in Lithuania was recently named the European Capital of Culture
Source: National Geographic

Kaunas in Lithuania was recently named the European Capital of Culture

It feels like people are starting to pay attention to Kaunas in Lithuania again after years of being forgotten. Almost a century ago, this place was a hub of activity, thanks to it becoming the temporary capital of the country. From the artwork to the architecture, the place had so much going for it. Unfortunately, that later went downhill, but thankfully not forever. It was only last year that it was named the European Capital of Culture, which alone suggests it’s worth checking out.

Oslo in Norway is an absolute must in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a part of Europe that’s absolutely worth visiting, and Oslo in Norway is an excellent place to start. The home of some fantastic museums, this city has a lot to offer for foodies. The range of dishes available at VIA Village is definitely something worth checking out, as is the famous Opera House that’s home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. There’s even an urban beach in this city!

Turku in Finland is big on music and ecotourism
Source: Visit Finland

Turku in Finland is big on music and ecotourism

There’s so much to love about Turku in Finland. Apparently considered the Paris of Finland for its many cafes, it’s a huge spot for music lovers, thanks to the many festivals held here. Moreover, it does a lot of good on the sustainable tourism front, what with the electric boat trips and nature excursions. So, you can vacation in this city without worrying about impacting the planet.

A few days in any of these cities would be considered a worthwhile vacation. The question is, which one of them will you visit first in 2023?