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These Places May Seem Impossible But They Actually Exist

There are so many weird and wonderful places in this world, but there are others that just seem utterly impossible.

Planet Earth is a weird and wonderful vessel of amazing countries, incredible natural wonders, and so many places to explore. Many people spend their lives searching out these wonderful locations and checking them out for themselves, and they are able to see what makes them so special. However, that doesn’t mean that all of them come with a rhyme and a reason.

While there are countless natural wonders with their very own explanation, there are others that seem to leave people scratching their heads. This is definitely the case for some places in this world. They confuse even the most expert of researchers, and they seem to be creating more and more questions every single year. Despite all of the confusion surrounding these impossible places, they do still exist, and they do still wow people across the world. After all, being amazed and confused at the same time is a feeling that you just can’t put a price on.

Hessdalen Lights – Norway

There’s nothing better than looking up to the night sky and checking out the moon, the stars, and maybe even a shooting star if you’re lucky. However, the people who live near the Hessdalen Valley in Norway often get to see something else when they look out of their windows.

That’s because this valley is home to the Hessdalen Lights, which look like something straight out of a science fiction movie. The lights were first reported in the 1930s, and since then, more and more sightings of these colorful orbs are reported.

These red, white, or yellow lights can be seen in the sky for anything from a few seconds to a whole hour, and they are normally found just above or below the horizon line. Nobody quite knows why these lights appear or where they come from, but they are truly remarkable.

Lake Hillier – Australia

If you have ever been to Australia, you’ll know that this country is rife with beaches, natural pools, lakes and other bodies of water that just can’t be ignored. Whether you surf, swim, or just chill out in these waters, there’s no doubt about the fact that you will enjoy it.

However, one place that just seems impossible is Lake Hillier. Located just a stone’s throw from the ocean and inside a dense forest, Lake Hillier isn’t like any other lake on Earth. The main reason for that is because the water in this lake is bubblegum pink!

A British navigator by the name of Matthew Flinders was the first person to set eyes on Lake Hillier, and it has since become not only a tourist attraction but also scientific site as experts try to work out why it’s the color that it is.

The Michigan Triangle – Michigan

You’ve probably heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but have you ever heard of the Michigan Triangle? These two triangles have a few similarities, and those who have made their way across the water of Lake Michigan have experienced this for themselves.

That’s because there is a stretch of water that snakes its way between Ludington, Benton Harbor, and Manitowoc. This area of water has been shrouded with mystery and questions since the late 1800s when a boat seemingly disappeared without a trace while traversing the lake.

Neither the boat nor the crew was ever found, and this has happened numerous times since. This has led many people to believe that there is some kind of black hole beyond the surface of the water, and some have even suggested that extraterrestrial activity could be involved in these disappearances.

Gruner See – Austria

It’s amazing to see how the world works and how the seasons change the temperature and landscape, but it seems as though those who really want to see this in action make their way to Gruner See in Austria.

Depending on when you visit this tourist attraction, you may see two completely different scenes in front of you. That’s because Gruner See is a beautiful park in the winter months, and features park benches, stunning bridges, incredible green grass, and even a little pond.

In the summer, however, that pond turns into 36 feet of water when the snow from the neighboring mountains melts and makes its way down into the park. When this happens, Gruner See transforms into an underground lair that some people just can’t seem to get enough of.

Circles of Namibia – Namibia

If you know anything about Namibia, you’ll know that this country in Southern Africa is dry, hot, and covered in desert. While most of this desert area is flat and consistent, there are certain areas of the sandy floor that just cannot be explained.

That’s because these areas are home to the “Circles of Namibia,” or the “Fairy Circles.” These peculiar circles can be found on the desert floor, and while they can be seen from the ground, the sheer size of them is best seen from above.

From here, you can see that the circles range from around 5 to 130-feet wide, and nobody knows where they have come from or why they are there. What makes these circles even more bizarre is the fact that the area within these circles is more magnetic than the area outside of the circles.

The Julia Sound

While most people focus on what they can see in the world around them, there are others who focus on what they can hear. Over the years, scientists have been recording sounds found across the world and researching them to uncover the secrets and understand a little more about this planet.

While some of them have made sense, there are other sounds that have stumped even the most prolific of experts. This is certainly the case with the Julie Sound. First recorded in 1999, this 15-second-long clip features a sound similar to the while of a human.

Experts just couldn’t pinpoint what they were listening to, and many people were actually a little frightened by the volume and the intensity of the whine. It’s still not known what caused the Julia Sound, but many suggest that the recording could feature an iceberg breaking.

The Double Tree of Casorzo – Italy

Italy is full of incredible attractions that many tourists flock to every single year. They check out the Leaning Tower of Pisa, they make their way to Rome to see the Colosseum in all of its glory, and they even make their way through the cobbled streets of ancient towns and cities.

However, there are also many people who make their way to see the Double Tree of Casorzo. Known to Italians as the “Bialbero di Casorzo,” this amazing tree is something that many people have never seen before, and even those who are familiar with epiphytes.

These plants normally attach to other plants and trees, but the Double Tree of Casorzo is an anomaly. That’s because the base is a mulberry tree, but atop this tree is a cherry tree. It’s not known how this tree came to be, but there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s pretty awesome.

The Ringing Rocks of Pennsylvania – United States

Because the United States is a relatively new addition to the world, most people believe that most of its secrets have already been uncovered. However, it seems as though that just isn’t the case. If you have ever been to Pennsylvania, you may have heard of the “Ringing Rocks of Pennsylvania.”

These rocks are constantly surrounded by people who want to see and hear a bizarre phenomenon for themselves because these rocks produce a melodic ringing sound when they are struck. Because of this, many fans and experts alike have wondered whether these rocks are made of something other than stone.

Experts have investigated these rocks and discovered that they are made from dibiase, and rocks made of diabase are normally found at the bottom of mountains and hills. However, these rocks are at the top of a hill.

The Devil’s Kettle – United States

It’s always amazing to see a waterfall in front of your very eyes, and while most waterfalls follow the same general pattern in terms of the fall of the water, the Devil’s Kettle in Minnesota is a little different.

Located in Judge C.R Magney State Park, this waterfall is part of the Brule River, and it’s easy for visitors to the park to notice that the waterfall actually splits into two different sections. While one side of this waterfall continues its journey down the rocks and back into the river, the same can’t be said for the other side.

Instead, this water flow flows down into a dark hole and seemingly vanishes off the face of the Earth. This waterfall has intrigued visitors for years, and many have even thrown in various belongings to see where they would land up. However, we’re still no wiser as to where the water goes.

Tunnel of Love – Ukraine

Many people make their way to Ukraine every single year, and it seems as though more and more people want to check out the famous Tunnel of Love for themselves. Located in a beautiful town by the name of Kleven, this tunnel has actually been formed thanks to the local railway.

While the train tracks have stayed in place so that trains can occasionally make their way through the town, the trees have also had a mind of their own.

Because they haven’t been able to grow in the path of the trains, they have instead grown around them to create this tunnel formation. It stems across a whopping 3km of railway, and it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful natural occurrences that this world has to offer. It’s also super romantic.

Sea of Stars – Vaadhoo Island

If you have ever seen pictures of the Maldives, you’ll know that this country is absolutely stunning. Made up of thousands of islands, Vaadhoo Island is one of them – and it’s pretty spectacular with its crystal clear waters and its luscious sand.

While there’s no doubt about the fact that this island is incredible during the day, the beaches truly come to life when the sun sets, and the moon comes out to play. That’s because these golden sands meet up with the Sea of Stars and create a natural sparkle that looks like something straight out of a fantasy movie.

Although the blue, twinkling stars within the ocean aren’t created by magic, they are created by bioluminescent phytoplankton by the name of dinoflagellates. These plankton light up the water as the sun sets and creates a phenomenon that really does have to be seen to be believed.

The Hum of Taos – United States

Surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico lies the small town of Taos. With just over 5,600 people living here, it’s not the kind of place that would normally hit the headlines across the world. However, there’s something strange going on in this town, and nobody is quite sure why.

This bizarre phenomenon was first officially recorded in 1993 when a group of people who lived in Taos decided to complain to the American government about a strange humming noise they could hear in the local area.

Noise complaints were aplenty, but the dull humming noise just didn’t seem to have a source. A researcher at the University of New Mexico decided to take the matter into his own hands, which is when he realized that only 2% of the people in Taos could hear the hum – and all of them described it differently.

The Beacon of Maracaibo – Venezuela

If you’re the kind of person that struggles to stay calm during a lightning storm, then you may want to give the Beacon of Maracaibo a wide berth. Located in Venezuela, this small area of the country is often regarded as a normal place where normal people live.

However, for around 160 days of the year, Maracaibo transforms into a completely different landscape. That’s because this area of the world seems to be a magnet for lightning strikes, and it is subjected to around 1.2 million strikes annually.

These strikes come in all different colors such as pink, orange, blue, and so much more – but that’s not the only peculiarity. One of the main reasons why the Beacon of Maracaibo is so bizarre is the fact that these lightning strikes don’t come complete with thunderstorms. In fact, they are eerily silent…

Lake Karachay – Russia

It’s no secret that the world is dealing with pollution problems, but did you know that Lake Karachay is actually the most polluted destination that this planet has to offer? This lake is located within the Russian Ural Mountains, and there’s no doubt about the fact that this lake is incredibly beautiful.

With seemingly crystal clear waters, it’s proved to be incredibly enticing to those who have stumbled upon it. However, it has also proved to be incredibly dangerous. The Russian government kept their toxic waste dump a secret from the rest of their citizens until the early 1900s, but by that time, the damage had already been done.

Many people suffered fatal health consequences due to the radiation, and it’s still incredibly dangerous today. This just goes to show that appearances really can be deceiving.

The Bermuda Triangle – North Atlantic Ocean

Let’s be honest; the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most iconic and mysterious marvels that this world has to offer. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, this particular triangle stretches over 500,000-square-miles between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

Over the years, it has adopted various nicknames for itself, including “The Devil’s Triangle,” and “Hurricane Alley.” One of the main reasons for this is because the Bermuda Triangle has caused countless fatalities in terms of boats and crewmembers who have tried to make their way across this area of water.

While there are some who have suggested that the strong tides and currents have caused these vanishing acts, there are others who have reported sightings and suggestions of extraterrestrial activity. However, it’s still considered to be extremely ominous and frightening.

Shanay-Timpishka – Amazon River

While most people don’t make their way to the Amazon on a regular basis, those who have seen this incredible rainforest and witnessed the magnitude of the river for themselves will know just how impressive it is. Although the whole thing really does need to be seen to be believed, there is a certain river in the Amazon that is particularly special.

The Shanay-Timpishka is known across the world for the billows of steam that comes off the boiling water, but scientists just don’t know why. Geothermal activity normally occurs when they are close to volcanoes, but that just isn’t the case for the Shanay-Timpishka.

There has been no scientific research to explain why this four-mile-long river is boiling, but one geothermal scientist looked into ancient legends and discovered that the river is by the site of a sacred healing site, controlled by a giant serpent who can control the waters.

Sagano Bamboo Forest – Japan

While many people head to Japan to get a taste of city life, there’s no doubt about the fact that this country also gives people the chance to escape from this hectic lifestyle and get back to nature. This is especially true in the Sagano Bamboo Forest, and it should come as no surprise to learn that this forest is extremely popular with tourists and locals alike.

Located in Kyoto and spanning across a whopping 16-square-kilometers, this forest looks absolutely stunning when visitors make their way through the many paths that slice the forests into sections.

However, this isn’t the only thing that sees visitors going back time and time again. The sound that the wind makes when it whips through the bamboo is something that just cannot be unheard.

Movile Cave – Romania

What’s so amazing about these impossible places is that many of them have only been possible to explore for a few decades. Yes, that’s been the case for the Movile Cave in Romania. While it’s been suggested that this cave first made its appearance 5.5 million years ago, it was kept a secret by the dense Romanian forest until 1986 when workers stumbled upon it.

Although its location and its existence is now known to the rest of the world, only around 100 people have ever been able to venture into the cave. That’s because it’s pitch black, and no light makes its way into the cave.

Although this isn’t beneficial for human life, it’s been hugely beneficial for the 48 species of animals that live inside the cave. In fact, 33 of these species are completely unique to the Movile Cave.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly – Baltic Sea

There are many divers in this world, and while some people dive beneath the surface for the fun of it, there are others who search for ancient artifacts and lost relics. That’s exactly what the Ocean-X Team does, and these treasure hunters regularly dive deep to search for artifacts that have a story attached to them.

While scouring the Baltic Sea for goodies in 2011, the Swedish divers came across something that has stumped experts for years. While they hoped to find a sunken ship below the surface of the Baltic Sea, they instead came across a structure that looked to them like a UFO.

Confused by what they were looking at, they later utilized sonar imaging to take pictures of the anomaly under the sea. It’s still unknown what this anomaly really is.

The Devil’s Pool – Australia

Australia is full of beautiful pools that are hidden in the forest, but there’s no doubt about the fact that many people have been too scared to venture out to the Devil’s Pool. Located in Babinda, Queensland, this pool requires a hike and some serious nerve from those who dare to venture near to it.

While authorities have tried to deter visitors by warning signs and the news that the creek has caused countless fatalities over the years, that doesn’t stop people from traveling to the Devil’s Pool.

In fact, 17 people have lost their lives in this pool since 1959, and even more have found themselves in trouble. This is largely due to the fact that the currents are extremely strong, the rocks are extremely sharp, and there are various different nooks and crannies for people to get stuck in.

The Blue Pond of Hokkaido – Japan

Many people make their way to Japan every single year, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you want to see the cherry blossoms in all of their glory, or whether you want to experience the bustling lifestyle of those who live in Tokyo, there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s an impressive tourist destination.

However, it’s important for tourists venturing up the mountains to see the Blue Pond of Hokkaido to remember that you look with your eyes – and you don’t look by donning your swimwear and practicing your front stroke.

One of the main reasons for this is because the Blue Pond was formed as a barrier and to stop any potential volcanic eruptions from destroying the nearby town of Biei. What makes this pond so special is its perfect blue color, but that’s actually due to a large amount of aluminum hydroxide that’s present under the surface.

Tianzi Mountain – China

China is known for its food, its culture, and its beautiful landscape, and there’s no doubt about the fact that its landscape is incredibly diverse. While there are small towns and giant cities to explore, there are also millions of years of rocks to thank for giving visitors the chance to check out Tianzi Mountain.

You might actually recognize these mountains because this location actually inspired James Cameron to create the magical and fantastical world of Pandora within his Avatar franchise.

Years of erosion and weathering have caused these mountains to change in terms of their size and their shape, and it’s fair to say that they now look as though they aren’t quite real. They have trees growing out of them, they come in weird shapes and sizes, and they are truly remarkable.

Rainbow Mountain of Peru – Peru

It seems as though Peru is home to some of the most incredible destinations in the world, and the Rainbow Mountain is one of them. Known officially as the Ausangate Mountain, this geological marvel is located in the Peruvian Andes and features all kinds of beautiful colors.

With reds, blues, yellows, oranges, and all kinds of colorful composition on this mountain, this place looks more like a screensaver than it does a real place. Because it’s unlike any other place on Earth, locals have considered the Rainbow Mountain of Peru as a sacred addition to the world, and they often make their way to this place on a daily basis to pray and worship to the gods.

Others simply make the pilgrimage to this place to check out the colorful marvel for themselves.

The Petrifying Well – United Kingdom

If you’re planning a trip to the United Kingdom, you may either want to add the Petrifying Well to your to-do list, or you should avoid it at all costs. It’s the kind of tourist attraction that intrigues some and frightens the other, and there’s a good reason for that.

Known officially as Mother Shipton’s Petrifying Well, this body of water has been associated with witchcraft and dark magic for hundreds of years. That’s because this water turns objects that dip under the surface to stone, and the overgrown, moss-filled area is like something out of a dark fairytale.

Those during the 1600s avoided this well at all costs because they were scared of the magical effects, but it has since become a popular destination for those who like dark tourism. In fact, many people have left their belongings on purpose and returned months later to find them encased in stone.

Icy Monolith – Antarctica

While “Icy Monolith” isn’t its official name, there’s no doubt about the fact that it totally fits. While it’s not uncommon to find a huge amount of ice and snow in Antarctica, it is uncommon to see ice that’s so blue and almost glass-like.

This giant glacier was actually formed over the course of hundreds of years and now looks just like a wave of ice has made its way across Antarctica and right into the path of those who have ventured to this area of the world. What’s so amazing about this glacier is the fact that it’s so incredibly thick.

Not only does this make it a solid structure, but it also means that no natural light can make its way through the ice. Because of this, the light is then reflected back in order to create the bright blue color that’s made it so famous.

The Ice Caves of Chile – Chile

If you don’t have Chile on your list of places you want to see in your lifetime, then you should definitely add it to the top. That’s because Chile is home to all kinds of amazing natural wonders and land formations, such as the Ice Caves of Chile.

Situated in Patagonia, these caves are often unofficially called the “marble caves” due to the marbled effect seen on the ice itself. These ice caves have formed over thousands of years due to the cold temperatures of the Patagonia region and the flowing water of the Carrera Lake.

The bright blue water has a magical effect on the ice above it and has created beautiful images that everyone needs to see for themselves. The water levels naturally rise and fall throughout the year, meaning that the caves are constantly changing in terms of their shape, size, and their color.

The Door to Hell – Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan might not be at the top of your bucket list, but it definitely should be if you’re the kind of person that likes a little horror in their life. That’s because this country is home to the famous “Door to Hell,” which is often considered to be one of the most terrifying tourist attractions that this world has to offer.

While most of the world knows it by this nickname, this giant, fiery hole in the ground is actually called the Darvaza gas crater. Spanning a whopping 226-feet in diameter and delving 98-foot into the underworld, it first came to our attention in the 1970s – and it certainly made its mark.

The crater gave way after Soviet engineers started drilling into the ground to find oil, and the crater has been burning ever since to try and burn off the toxic and poisonous gases that lay within the hellish chamber.

Antelope Canyon – United States

You have probably seen pictures of Antelope Canyon before because this place is often considered to be one of the most beautiful destinations that this whole world has to offer. Located in Arizona, it’s amazing to think that this canyon was formed millions of years ago and has since changed over time thanks to the erosion of the sandstone.

With swirling shapes and clean lines, this canyon is hugely popular with those who just want to see it for themselves or those who want to test their rock-climbing abilities. Because of the differing shapes within this canyon, many climbers have to make use of ladders and other equipment to traverse these rocks safely.

However, climbers are encouraged to stay away from the canyon during monsoon season, when the water fills up the gaps and erodes it even more.

Crooked Forest – Poland

There are many countries in this world that have extremely large forests to their name, and Poland is one of them. In fact, a huge portion of this country is made up of forest, and the trees that live here are almost always uniform in terms of their size and shape.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that all of them follow the rules. In West Poland lies the Crooked Forest, which features an area of land consisting of some rather strange trees. That’s because these trees – rather than standing straight up and down – are crooked and bent at 90-degrees around the base.

There are around 400 of these trees in the same area, and they have perplexed scientists for decades. While it’s not known exactly how this has happened, many suggest that a landslide or snowstorm caused the deformations.

Kawah Ijen – Indonesia

Indonesia has become an extremely popular tourist destination over the years, and that’s largely due to beautiful islands such as Bali, Borneo, and Sumatra. However, one of the lesser-known islands comes in the form of Java – and this island is home to the Kawah Ijen crater.

Those who have seen this crater in person have often wondered whether they have been able to see real-life lava flowing through the crater and down the mountain itself, but that’s just not the case. While steam and flames often make their way out of this crevice and along the rivers that flow through it, this is actually due to the sulfur-rich gases in the water.

This gives the water a glorious blue tint, and it even creates huge amounts of heat and pressure, which act in a similar way to geysers. This causes large flames, it causes eruptions of water, and it causes a huge amount of steam.

The Black Forest – Germany

Many of the fairytales we know and love today have come from German writers and those inspired by the forests and the castles within this country, so it should come as no surprise to learn that the Black Forest is truly something special.

With luscious green trees and rolling hills and mountains, this forest is visited by millions of people every single year – and it’s not hard to see why. The Black Forest features a whopping 2,320 square miles of the country, but it doesn’t just feature beautiful walks and hikes.

You can check out the waterfalls, you can kayak through the rivers, and you can even take part in the various outdoor activities put on by companies who have fallen in love with the outside space. It’s no wonder so many people choose the Black Forest as their vacation destination.

The Nazca Lines of Peru – Peru

You’re probably familiar with hieroglyphs, but have you ever heard of geoglyphs? Rather than being carved into the walls, geoglyphs are instead carved into the ground. While there are many of these peculiar shapes and images etched into the ground across the globe, the Nazca Lines of Peru are perhaps the most bizarre.

Located in the Nazca Desert, these images are best seen from the air, but those who trek up nearby mountains also have a clear view of these giant geoglyphs. After being discovered and researched properly in the 1940s, we have since learned more about these animals, plants, and straight lines that have made their way into the desert.

It’s believed that they were inscribed between 500 B.C and 500 BCE, and most of the images are made up using one continuous line. While nobody knows what they really are for, experts suggest a link to astrology.

The Sargasso Sea – Atlantic Ocean

There’s a high chance that you have heard of the Sargasso Sea over the course of your life, but do you know what makes this piece of the ocean so special? Well, it’s unlike any other body of water in the world.

Stretching for a whopping 2000 miles, the Sargasso Sea is situated in the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by all kinds of strong currents. This pushes and pulls the water in all kinds of directions, and many expect the water to be extremely cold due to the fact that the North Atlantic is normally harsh and wintry.

However, that just isn’t the case. Although nobody quite knows why the Sargasso Sea is actually extremely warm and home to a strange type of seaweed. In fact, if you have ever seen pictures of this sea, you probably would have seen it. This seaweed lies atop the water rather than down below and adds an orange layer to the blue water.

Salar De Uyuni – Bolivia

When you put salt on your dinner, do you ever think of where it has come from? Well, it may have come from the salt flats of Bolivia, called the Salar De Uyuni. These salt flats can be traced back millions of years, and they are perfectly flat and utterly breathtaking.

Spanning across a whopping 10,582-kilometers, there’s no doubt about the fact that Salar De Uyuni can produce a huge amount of salt. To be exact, there are over 10 billion tons of salt hidden both on the surface and below, and the salt flats themselves have proven to be extremely beautiful.

One of the main reasons for this is because the flat surface reflects the sky above, and creates a mirror-like image that some people just can’t get over. There’s nowhere else like it.

Mendenhall Caves – Alaska

If you have ever been to Alaska, you’ll know that this state is normally covered in ice and snow – and that’s what makes it so special. While most of this ice and snow look the same, the Mendenhall Caves offer something different.

Located in a 12-mile glacier, these ice caves really do need to be seen to be believed, because they look like something that just can’t be real. The clear ice flows through the glacier, creating a little walkway in the middle, and those who have the nerve can walk straight through with tonnes of ice piled on top of them.

What’s so amazing about these caves is that this particular glacier can be traced back around 3,000 years, and it has since become a popular tourist attraction for those who visit Alaska.