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How Much Does It Really Cost To Rent Necker Island?

If you’re looking to have an unforgettable vacation, why not stay on a private island? Spending your time off lounging on quiet beaches and enjoying your own company is a great way to relax when you’re away from work. Of course, these islands are referred to as private for a reason. You can only stay on them if you own them, or if someone kindly rents them out. That’s what Richard Branson has done with Necker Island, although staying there is far from cheap.

A week on Necker Island

If you want to vacation on Necker Island, you have two options. You can either book a villa for the week, or go all out and reserve the whole island. Naturally, one option is far cheaper than the other, although neither is particularly affordable. If you wish to spend a week in one of the villas, you’ll have to fork over at least $35,000. That price can rise as high as $52,500 depending on whereabouts you stay.

Renting the entire island

While booking a villa for a week might be expensive, it’s nothing compared to how much renting the entire island will set you back. This currently costs $77,500, with prices set to rise in 2020. Between June and December next year, visitors can expect to spend as much as $102,500 for the privilege of having Necker Island to themselves. That’s an eye-watering amount of money, and that isn’t even for a week-long vacation. Branson rents out the island on a nightly basis, meaning a week would cost more than $700,000.

So much to do here

If you’re going to spend over half a million dollars on an island vacation, you’d surely want to have the trip of a lifetime. Fortunately, Necker Island is filled with everything you’d need to make that happen. From fully-stocked bars to plenty of themed events, it’s not difficult to have a good time here. Thrill-seekers can go scuba diving, kite surfing, and kayaking – just to name a few things – while their loved ones can relax in the spa. Although Necker Island is insanely expensive, at least you get a lot of bang for your buck here.

It’s the place to be

If you’ve always wanted to rub shoulders with celebrities, Necker Island is definitely the place to be. Booking a villa here could see you cross paths with the likes of Kate Winslet, Mariah Carey, and David Beckham. These stars have all visited the island in the past because they have the money to afford it. Necker Island was also the place where Princess Diana and her kids once came when she was still married to Prince Charles. The iconic royal was a good friend of Richard Branson’s, so it’s no wonder she chose to vacation on his private island. She needed all the support she could get back then.

If you’re thinking about a trip to Necker Island, you might want to start saving now. It could be a while before you have the funds to afford it.