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Here’s How To Visit The Fyre Festival Island In The Bahamas

Two years ago, thousands of people were devastated when the luxury music festival they’d paid good money for turned out to be a complete disaster. Fyre Festival has since gone down in history as one of the worst music events ever, with the lead organizer now facing six years behind bars. Fortunately, all the talk of the festival has given the island it was based on plenty of well-deserved publicity.

Out in the Bahamas

If you’re interested in visiting this island, it might take you a few tries to find the right one. After all, there are 365 of them in total in this part of the Bahamas, so it’s pretty easy to get lost. Luckily, Great Exuma – the place you’re looking for – is the biggest of the bunch, so tracking it down isn’t too much of a challenge. Even if you ended up on the wrong island, though, it’s not a big deal. They all boast the same tropical climate and gorgeous coastal views anyway.

Direct flights from Miami

Before you can enjoy your time in Great Exuma, you have to get there first. Fortunately, American Airlines offers direct flights from Miami Airport, so you don’t have to worry about long waits and layovers. Although flights between Florida and the island aren’t too regular, they’re frequent enough that you won’t get stranded out there. Just hope that the weather stays nice for when you intend on traveling.


Easy to keep busy

There’s quite a lot that you can get up to in Great Exuma, from kite surfing to swimming with pigs. A lot of the best activities in this region are focused around the water, although that’s not surprising. Given it’s a relatively small island, the coast is often where all the action happens. Of course, the problem with this is that the weather can make or break any vacation there. While the Bahamas is renowned for beautiful weather, rain and trade winds are still a risk. When these happen, they bring a lot of activity in Great Exuma to a halt, so you have to think carefully about when you travel to the island.

It pays to be nice

One thing that you may notice while on Great Exuma is how connected everyone seems to be. The smaller size of the island means that people tend to know one another, and those relationships can serve you well during your time there. Being friendly and sociable will always work in your favor, and developing a good reputation can benefit you in the most surprising ways. The kindness of the locals will hopefully make up for some of the island’s downsides, including its lack of infrastructure. Rustic is definitely a word that comes to mind, with cell phone service and Wi-Fi not entirely reliable out here. However, when you have white sand beaches to relax on, who needs the outside world?

Although Fyre Festival may have tarnished Great Exuma’s reputation, people are beginning to realize how great this place actually is. It’s an island paradise that you won’t regret visiting.