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Haunted Places You Can Spend The Night If You Dare

Some of us want to stay as far away from the supernatural as we can. Others? They want to get up close and personal with beings from the other side who still walk the Earth. If that sounds familiar, you might want to check out the haunted places you can spend the night if you dare.

Omni Grove Park Inn – North Carolina

If you want to see a pink lady – and not one from the beloved musical ‘Grease’ – you might want to book in for a night at the Omni Grove Park Inn in North Carolina. Here, you might get to see a supernatural being known only for appearing as pink mist or a lady in a pink ball gown. Still, not much is known about the pink lady or why she even haunts the hotel. All we do know is that she particularly likes room 545 – the room she allegedly stayed in before her passing – before she supposedly fell to her doom over a balcony in 1920.

Ruthin Castle Hotel and Spa - Wales
Source: Hotels Combined

Ruthin Castle Hotel and Spa – Wales

There is nothing quite like a stay in a former castle, which is exactly what guests receive when they check in to the Ruthin Castle Hotel and Spa in North Wales. The castle has been home to plenty of former residents throughout the years, but seemingly not all of them have checked out. Lady Grey is the most famous of them all, losing her life at the castle when she ended the life of her husband’s mistress. Guests report that Lady Grey spends most of her time wandering the banquet hall and around the battlements. Thankfully, she doesn’t seem to cause any harm.

La Posada Hotel – New Mexico

Abraham Staab wanted to build a mansion for his wife, Julia, but had no idea that she would never be able to leave. Things were going well for Julia as she became the life of every party, hosting lavish events at her home for years. That was until 1896 when she passed away at 52 years old after the heartbreak of suffering a stillborn child. The mansion was later converted to a hotel in the 1900s, with guests claiming they could see Julia in the halls. While many claim that she is a friendly ghost, others claim Julia has thrown things and tried to cause harm.

The Haunted Chamber Apartment - England
Source: Airbnb

The Haunted Chamber Apartment – England

It might be little surprise that The Haunted Chamber Apartment in England is one of the most haunted places we can stay the night. Amazingly, no one ghost has made itself known in the halls throughout the years. That hasn’t stopped guests from reporting weird and eerie noises in the halls of the 600-year-old building throughout their stay. Others have also noted how they simply feel uneasy in the rooms with no real reason why.

The haunted places you can spend the night if you dare could be all some of us need to spice up our next adventure. After all, what could be better than the adrenaline rush of wondering if you’re really alone?