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Forget The Inca Trail – Here’s Why You Should Head To Colombia’s Lost City Instead

For many years, people have been trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, but did you know there’s a new must-see ancient location? Forget all about the Inca Trail, this is why Colombia’s Lost City has to be seen to be believed.

It is ancient

The Lost City, or La Ciudad Perdida in Spanish, is actually older than Machu Picchu after being founded in 800CE. That makes the Lost City approximately 650 years older than the civilization that settled at Machu Picchu. The Lost City was unheard of until the 1970s, when it was discovered by treasure hunters, and it features over 160 terraces that have been carved into the mountains.

Taking your time

This civilization had been lying hidden for hundreds of years as it was engulfed by the Colombian jungle. Locals have worked hard to uncover roughly 10% of the ancient buildings and terraces, but the trek to get there will take approximately five days. Trekkers have a choice of four, five, or six-day hikes to get to the Lost City, which gives you plenty of time to take in your surroundings. The Lost City is so isolated from the rest of society it is becoming a huge tourist attraction because it brings you as far into the wilderness as possible.


A challenge, but worth it

The trek can be a bit much for some people, but the longer you take to get there, the more rest stops you get to enjoy. The Inca Trail has long been one of the most famous treks in South America, but trekking to the Lost City in Colombia is becoming just as popular. These tours are also helping local communities as the guides are typically those who live in the area, so you will be supporting the locals by going.

Going with a local

Many people who have made the trek to the Lost City recommend going with a tour company that provides a licensed indigenous guide. Not only because the money goes to those living nearby, but also because of the knowledge you will gain. The Lost City is sacred ground to many indigenous people, and they will give you a great history lesson on your trek. Archaeologists still work in the area as they continue to uncover new stories from the ancient civilization that lived here many years ago.


Feeling like the first arrival

The site of the Lost City is still largely covered by jungle, so when you arrive, it still feels as though you are the first person to discover this isolated place. You will be tired from your trek, but it will all be worth it as your reward is to take in this wonderful site thought to be lost forever.

The Lost City is something that has to be seen to be believed. If you want to see it you will have to work for it though, but that’s just a part of what makes this adventure so special.