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Everything You Need To Know About Vacations In Jamaica

Many of us dream about a vacation filled with white beaches and crystal-clear water. All of your dreams could come true thanks to a trip to Jamaica. If you’re thinking about heading to the island, then here’s everything you need to know about vacations in Jamaica.

The beaches are beautiful

One of the biggest draws to Jamaica is the beautiful beaches. The island is surrounded by breathtaking options, and some of the more popular tourist spots have some of the best. However, there are also black sand beaches and smaller beaches on offer at some locations.

There are plenty of hotel options

It doesn’t matter if you want an adults-only all-inclusive break or a family-friendly vacation – there are so many hotel options available across the island. They fit all kinds of budgets, and all offer their own unique additions. Thankfully, most are never far from the beach, so you can enjoy the beauty of the island on your stay without having to spend a fortune.

Beware of hurricane season

Caribbean islands are prone to rainy seasons. These can also bring hurricanes. Most of the Caribbean is likely to get storms from August all the way through to October. However, Jamaica sees most of its rain in October. While this can mean that flights are cheaper and there are fewer people, it also means that you might get caught in less than desirable weather.

It’s pretty laid back

It doesn’t matter where you decide to stay in Jamaica, you will always be surrounded by a laid back atmosphere. People on the island take life as it comes, which means you might have to get used to waiting a little longer for things to arrive or for people to get jobs done. Thankfully, most people soon find themselves caught up in the vibe.

You can use US dollars

Typically, heading to another country means that we need to exchange our money or use a local ATM. However, Jamaica uses US dollars pretty much everywhere across the island. That’s certainly one less thing to worry about for many travelers.

Getting around can be expensive

A lot of the major resorts are a few hours away from airports. If you want to spend the majority of your time at the resort, then it’s best to save your money and book a taxi to and from the airport. However, if you want to explore and you’re confident at driving abroad, then it might be worth renting a vehicle instead.

The water is safe

Many of us worry about getting sick on vacation. Drinking water is one of the biggest worries, but you’ll probably be pleased to know that the water is safe in Jamaica. No longer do you have to worry about how you will brush your teeth or having to look for bottled water everywhere you go.

Many of us want to experience island life for ourselves. Here’s everything you need to know about vacations in Jamaica to make sure it’s as relaxed and laid back as it should be.