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Could These Be The Most Romantic Spots In Paris To Get Engaged?

When thinking of somewhere abroad to get engaged, there’s a good chance that Paris comes to mind. After all, it’s not called the City of Love for nothing. So what if you want to push the boat out even further than ever before? Could these be the most romantic spots in Paris to get engaged?

Place du Trocadero

You might need a little bit of planning if you want to get engaged at Place du Trocadero, as it can get pretty busy with tourists as soon as the day starts to get underway. However, if you head to the area at sunrise, you should have the place pretty much to yourself. The square is found directly opposite the Eiffel Tower, meaning you can enjoy arguably the most famous spot in the city as you get down on one knee.

Peninsula Hotel

A five-star hotel and a romantic roof terrace? Things don’t get much better when looking for one of the most romantic spots in Paris to get engaged. Heading up to the deck at any time of the day offers stunning views of the Eiffel Tower, but a nighttime proposal is something out of this world as the city comes to life with lights in all directions. Whatever the case, you can enjoy a private dinner as soon as the proposal – and hopeful yes – is out of the way.

Disneyland Paris

Disney engagements have been popular for years, and now, couples can enjoy one of the most romantic places to get engaged in Paris at Disneyland Paris. There are so many places to get engaged across the park, meaning there is something for anyone who loves all things, Disney. If you want to go one step further – and have the budget – you can even hire the entire park for your special moment.

Jardin des Tuileries

The Louvre is one of the most famous places in Paris, but the Jardin des Tuileries deserves a special place on that list. It’s found right next door to the museum and has plenty of greenery to act as a beautiful backdrop for your engagement. Plus, there are a handful of traditional French cafes to grab a coffee and something to eat as you prepare for the big moment. A trip in the fall even adds an intense backdrop of orange as the leaves come to life for the final time of the year.

The Louvre

Although it’s now a museum, The Louvre was once a castle that was home to some impressive names throughout the years. The glass pyramid covers the courtyard and makes an incredible backdrop for an engagement shoot. This is particularly romantic for anyone wanting to avoid the crowds of the Eiffel Tower or for art lovers.

Could these be the most romantic spots in Paris to get engaged? We think so. In fact, each one offers up a new aspect of the City of Love that should help to create an unforgettable moment – and some envious photos of your special day.