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Cool Cruises For Your Curious Soul

Heading on a cruise isn’t just for people that want to live in the slow lane. These cool cruises for your curious soul could open up a world of opportunity – and help to make some ever-lasting memories.

WildPhoto Travel

If you like cold, remote places and have a passion for photography, then why not think about a trip with WildPhoto Travel? The cruises travel between the North Pole and Norway, stopping at many places in between. Each ship only has 12 guests and two professional photographers and nature lovers, so you get to enjoy the outdoors and learn a thing or two along the way.

The Groove Cruise

If you want to take the spirit of Burning Man on a cruise, then look no further – The Groove Cruise has you covered. 3,000 people get to enjoy music from DJs that can play up to 96 hours straight. It’s supposedly the largest floating dance music festival in the world. You don’t just party on the water. The cruise also stops at various party hotspots along the way.

Quark Expeditions

This cool cruise is perfect for passengers that want to cool things down as Quark Expeditions only travel to Antarctica or the Arctic. Each ship carries less than 200 people that help passengers explore the frozen regions of the world. As well as getting to enjoy all kinds of wildlife, people can also take part in plenty of outdoor activities, too.

Mark Carwardine Holidays

What Mark Carwardine doesn’t know about nature and wildlife isn’t worth knowing. He is an expert on all kinds of endangered species, and now, he wants to help the next generation learn everything that he has experienced. Mark Carwardine Holidays helps passengers see incredible sights with regular trips to the best dolphin and whale watching spots on the planet.

UnCruise Adventures

There is a good reason that this is called UnCruise – it’s nothing that you would expect from a cruise vacation. There are up to 86 passengers on each ship as guests are taken to some remote locations. This gives passengers the chance to get up close to some incredible wildlife before tucking into gourmet meals each evening.

U by Uniworld

U by Uniworld has been designed with everything that a millennial could need. The boats are all matte black and come filled with silent discos, rooftop yoga classes, nightclubs, and mixology lessons. Each cruise also has its own set of daily activities, like tours, visits, and active classes.

Lindblad Expeditions

This cruise line has teamed up with National Geographic and carries no more than 148 passengers per travel. Each ship also comes complete with everything you could need to get up close and personal with the landscape and wildlife. Lindblad Expeditions wants to help guests interact with the surroundings, not just view it from the deck.

These cool cruises for your curious soul offer a new spin on a classic cruise vacation. Long gone are the days of games on deck and standard entertainment. Now, it’s all about a cruise with a difference.