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Cape Cod Is the Ultimate American Escape

Prefer to keep your vacations in the States? Given how much there is to see and do here, that makes a lot of sense. Plus, why would you want to go anywhere else when you have somewhere like Cape Cod that’s considered the ultimate escape for Americans.

Steeped in history

Cape Cod will always hold an important place in American history because it was here that the Mayflower landed in 1620. The pilgrims quickly established themselves along the coast, and soon enough, the New World was born. 400 years later, this iconic moment hasn’t been forgotten, even if the area has changed over time.

That connection to the past has frequently helped Cape Cod to thrive, with museums and monuments reminding visitors of what happened in the 17th century. These are some of the biggest tourist spots in the region, and it’s clear to see why. If it weren’t for the Mayflower landing here, the U.S. might never have come to be.

Less is more

Holding onto the area’s history hasn’t always been easy, with locals often fighting to protect to past. However, it helps that parts of Cape Cod remain largely undeveloped in places, despite the constant rise of urbanization across the States. Many residents here are desperate to retain the area’s rich history, and therefore, they often turn away efforts to build new houses.

While some would argue that their resistance is keeping Cape Cod stuck in the past, we’d say that that’s precisely where it ought to stay. After all, what would we do if the destination lost its tranquil beaches and breathtaking views?

Best enjoyed temporarily

Plenty of people who talk about their love for Cape Cod are those who lived there growing up. However, many of these passionate people didn’t wish to spend their entire lives in the region. In fact, by the time they left, they were glad to see it go. Of course, it was only once they put some distance between themselves and Cape Cod that they realized everything this place had to offer.

Whereas before the silence had seemed deafening, now it was relaxing. The region’s desire to stay the same was no longer hindering its success, but rather helping it. Although these people still couldn’t embrace the idea of living here full-time, they loved every trip they made back to the area.

Made for vacations

It’s actually this unchanging quality about Cape Cod that makes it so perfect for vacations. Having somewhere that you know will always be the same is quite comforting, particularly if you work a job where nothing ever stays the same.

Obviously, development does happen in this region, from new shops opening to certain areas getting more housing. However, for the most part, Cape Cod is the same as it was several decades ago. If you’re someone who likes that in a place, then it’s no wonder this is considered the ultimate escape.

There’s nowhere better to relax and appreciate the great country we live in than the place that started it all – Cape Cod.