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Blockbuster Filming Locations You Can Visit In Real Life

Although some hits are created inside a Hollywood set, many are shot out in the open. The best bit? There are many blockbuster filming locations you can visit in real life that not only help you to travel the world but also bring your favorite hits to life, too.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Let’s face it; many of us were hooked by Game of Thrones. Amazingly, Dubrovnik is more than just a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it was also the primary filming location for the show. The best bit? The Iron Throne now lies in the Dubrovnik City Shop.

Petra, Jordan

Petra is at the to of many people’s bucket lists thanks to the incredible city carved into the cliffs. That’s not all. Petra was also used as part of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, with the Canyon of the Crescent Moon being modeled on the city.

Highclere Castle, England

Perhaps you prefer period dramas? Downton Abbey certainly grabbed many of us over the years, with Highclere Castle standing in as the perfect setting for the majority of the show. Now, the castle is open to anyone hoping to take a look for themselves.


Kaui, Hawaii

Have no fear; no dinosaurs are lurking among the bushes here. Instead, a trip to Kaui was once the home to Jurassic Park. Hurricane Iniki meant that some of the final scenes were shot in Oahu, but most of the first movie took part on this island.

Matamata, New Zealand

Lord of the Rings is the fantasy franchise that brought new worlds to life before our eyes. However, they weren’t just in the movies. Many of the films were shot all across New Zealand, but Matamata was transformed into a hobbit wonderland and has remained that way ever since.

Timberline Lodge, Oregon

If horrors are more your thing, then why not book a night at the Timberline Lodge? Just be sure to watch out for creatures that go bump in the night as the hotel was the inspiration behind The Shining. Sadly, the famous hedge maze was shot in England.

Death Valley, California

Star Wars has stood the test of time, and now we can take our first venture into the universe – kind of. It might not be the galaxy far, far away that many of us envisioned, but Death Valley was the backdrop for many of the famous scenes – including a Tusken Raider’s ride on a bantha.

Christ Church College, Oxford

Harry Potter was shot all across the U.K. However, one of the most iconic locations is Christ Church College. It inspired the design of the Great Hall and was even where Harry was named a Gryffindor. The college continued to appear throughout the movies.

While it can be great to watch our favorite movies and TV shows come to life on our screens, it’s another thing to see the sets for ourselves. Thankfully. These blockbuster filming locations you can visit in real life sure help to bring them to life once more.