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American Cities Known For Going All Out For St. Patrick’s Day

There are plenty of times we want to throw the biggest and best parties the world has ever seen. The best bit? It seems it’s true: everything really is bigger in the US, including parties. These are just some of the American cities known for going all out for St. Patrick’s Day.

Washington D.C.

Being the capital of the nation means Washington D.C. has to go all out for St. Patrick’s Day if it wants to keep people happy. Thankfully, the city doesn’t disappoint. The parade itself is filled with police, military, and fire brigades, marching bands, and oversized floats with some pretty creative characters. Even the President of the United States usually makes an annual appearance to wave at onlookers. The best bit? There are plenty of Irish bars and restaurants to refresh thought the day.

Chicago, Illinois

It comes to something when the city is so dedicated to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day that it dyes its famous river emerald green in honor of the day. The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Chicago, Illinois, is said to be the second biggest parade of its kind. However, that isn’t the main event of the day as thousands of people all flock to the city to witness the famous Chicago River that turns green for the day. It’s a tradition that’s lasted almost 50 years and doesn’t look set to end anytime soon. Of course, there’s also the impressive parade that marches all the way up Columbus Drive.

Boston, Massachusetts

It might be no surprise that Boston is known for going all out for St. Patrick’s Day as there is a lot of Irish heritage found throughout the city. The best bit? The day is more than just 24 hours in this city. Party-goers can enjoy weeks of St. Patrick-themed nights on the town as nightclubs and bars love to start the party a few weeks early. They stick around all the way up to the parade to help people have the best time of their life. The parade is also on the larger side of things as floats filled with everything Irish dominate the streets for hours.

New York City, New York

The largest and oldest parade in the world? That’s right; New York City knows how to go all out every St. Patrick’s Day as the parade is now one of the most anticipated annual events held in the city. Around 150,000 parade marchers fill the street with just about everything green as thousands of people turn up to cheer them on. That’s just the beginning as the parade is filled with bagpipers, shamrocks, and people from across the city. Anyone lucky enough to see the parade in the flesh doesn’t have to worry about a lack of things to do as the city is filled with plenty of Irish pubs.

Several American cities are known for going all out for St. Patrick’s Day. Still, some have learned how to push things even further than any of us could ever imagine.