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8 RV Road Trips That Will Take You Far Away From The Hustle And Bustle

Some would say that taking a road trip in an RV is the ultimate vacation experience. Where’s the best place to go in this vehicle, though? Well, the United States isn’t short of excellent road trips that will give you the break you definitely deserve.

New York to Provincetown

This road trip is a good way to spend four days if you’re based in New York. It covers approximately 700 miles and takes you on quite the picture postcard journey. The transformation from the big city to coastal Provincetown is quite a wonder to explore.

Moab/Bears Ears Loop

Start in Moab and drive roughly 475 miles to complete this road trip. It will take you around four days to complete, although you can extend it by enjoying the various national parks that Utah has to offer. Each one is filled with wonders that may take your breath away.

Phoenix to Puerto Peñasco

It should only take three days and 570 miles to drive from Phoenix to Puerto Peñasco. However, you can easily double your vacation time by stopping off at destinations like the Butterfly Peak Natural Area and Catalina State Park.

Shenandoah Valley and West Virginia

Depending on your available time, this road trip can be short or long. An extra 300 miles will take you from Shenandoah National Park to New River Gorge National Park, where the views are just as stunning as you could hope for. In fact, the entire journey is filled with breathtaking sights.

Colorado Hot Springs Loop

It should take the best part of a week to do this loop, covering a distance of approximately 860 miles if you begin in Denver. There’s so much to see and enjoy on this road trip, from the Rockies to a ton of hot springs that will ensure you don’t go cold during your travels.

Arkansas Ozark Loop

The Ozark mountains make for quite the backdrop on this relatively short road trip. Although the 400-mile journey doesn’t mean tons of travel time, you still get to experience all sorts, from the Buffalo River to Ouachita National Forest. Just start from Little Rock and be prepared to see nature in all its glory.

Northwestern Mountain Tour

One of the longer road trips you can do is the northwestern mountain tour, which is over 1,000 miles to and from Boise. Taking you to natural wonders like Hells Canyon and the Sawtooth Mountains, this week-long expedition is well worth all the driving involved.

New Mexico Loop

Hot springs? Check. Historic towns? Double check. Geologic marvels? Triple check. The New Mexico loop really has it all, and you can see that for yourself across this week-long adventure. Requiring a 670-mile drive from Albuquerque or Santa Fe, you’ll get to see mountains, valleys, deserts, dunes, and so much more.

Sometimes, the best road trips involve just getting in your vehicle and letting the roads lead the way. However, if you prefer to have a plan in place before traveling, one of these journeys is absolutely the way to go.