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7 Reasons Fiji Is Such A Happy Nation

When you think of Fiji, there’s a good chance you dream up lush trees and glistening white beaches. What if we told you that Fiji is one of the happiest places on Earth? That’s right; there are plenty of reasons Fiji is such a happy nation.

The fresh food

Okay, many of us know we need to eat fresh food, but it’s not such a forced thing in Fiji. The nation is filled with delicious fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh seafood that’s often caught the day it’s served. Importing food is pretty expensive in Fiji, meaning everything on the menu is usually grown a few minutes away.

The peace

Of course, it’s hard to ignore one of the main reasons Fiji is such a happy nation: the peace. Most people spend the days letting their worries disappear and enjoying the beauty of the natural environment. It’s not just the natural peace. Being such close communities means many locals feel their opinions are heard, meaning there is little conflict between the public and those in charge.

The climate

Vitamin D is a great way to boost anyone’s mood. Temperatures in the 70s and 80s mean people in Fiji have an extra boost of sunshine – and happiness. Most things take place outside as people can’t help but soak up the sunshine and enjoy the benefits of living in paradise.

The kava

It can be tough to walk around Fiji without someone offering you a bowl of kava. Sure, it might not taste the best to visitors, but a cup of kava will reveal why Fiji is such a happy nation. It’s usually used in ceremonies and creates a sense of serenity as soon as it touches your lips.

The music

Living in Fiji is unlike anywhere else in the world. The island is filled with people who are happy to be graced with such a beautiful area. It might be no surprise that most nights are filled with music as villages come together to sing songs and dance the night away.

The community

Many people feel happy when they’re surrounded by a community. Fiji is such a happy nation as everyone is close to everyone else, and villages have everyone’s back. Crime rate is low, and communities come together to raise children. Living in Fiji is like living in a village filled with your extended family.

The color

It can be hard not to smile when you’re surrounded by color. One of the many reasons that Fiji is such a happy nation is that color just about everywhere you look. From the glistening waters to the ripe mangos, the black lava rock pools to the palm trees, and everything in between, there is no shortage of color here.

There are plenty of reasons Fiji is such a happy nation. From the peace to the community and everything in between, a trip to the island is sure to leave most visitors with a smile on their face, thanks to one of the happiest nations on the planet.