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6 Things You Have to See When You’re in Chicago

Vacations don’t always have to involve trips overseas. Sometimes, the best experiences are found in the States, such as a visit to Chicago. There’s so much to see in the Illinois city that you can easily make an entire vacation out of it.

Millennium Park

Millennium Park is often considered the focal point of Chicago because so much always seems to be happening here. It’s in this 25-acre park that you’ll typically find free concerts in the summer and ice skating during the winter. What’s more, the open space is home to a variety of inspiring art installations, so there’s always something to see here, no matter when you visit.

The Field Museum

Museums might not always be exciting, but it’s still worth seeing what the local ones are like whenever you’re in a new city. Chicago’s Field Museum certainly doesn’t disappoint, especially as it’s one of the biggest in the States. Home to all sorts of exhibitions, from dinosaur bones to priceless jewelry, this establishment will really transport you back in time.

Garfield Park Conservatory

While we’d love for Chicago to be sunny every day of the year, the weather isn’t always on the city’s side. Thankfully, whenever things get too gray and wet, you can stop off at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Home to over 100,000 plants, all the bright colors here ought to banish any rainy day blues you might have. Plus, entry is free, so what’s not to love about that?

The Green Mill

If your itinerary’s looking a little empty in the evenings, why not stop off at the Green Mill? This club has been famous ever since Al Capone frequented it in the ’20s, although it’s now best-known for its thriving jazz scene. Whether you want to add some culture to your trip or you just love getting groovy, this is absolutely the place to be after nightfall.

Skydeck Chicago

Why jump from one landmark to another when you can see them all in one place? That’s precisely what you can do at the Skydeck located at the top of Willis Tower. With panoramic windows all around, you’ll never get a better view of Chicago than up here. Just make sure you visit on a clear day because the last thing you want is for your shot of the city being blurred by lousy weather.

Architecture River Cruise

If you’d prefer to see Chicago from a closer angle, why not stop off at the Architecture River Cruise? Here, an expert in the city’s many buildings will act as your guide as you drift down the Chicago River. Given that the area is home to many of the States’ most notable buildings, including dozens of skyscrapers, this tour isn’t one to be missed. It’s all you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of the Windy City.

It’s hard to get bored during a trip to Chicago, given how much there is to see and do here. Anyone who’s new to the city needn’t worry about ever having an empty schedule on their vacation.