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5 Trips You Should Take Before Turning 30

The five trips you should take before turning 30 are about more than just enjoying the world; they can be a great way to expand our minds and learn about different cultures across the planet. The best bit? There are always so many things to see and do, meaning there is always something new to add to the list.

Take a trek through the Himalayas

There are plenty of reasons to trek through the Himalayas before turning 30, especially if you love adventure. Nepal is filled with plenty of temples, mountain villages, and stunning scenery, making it a great place for spiritual and physical journeys. There are two classic hikes on the lost: the Annapurna Circuit and the Everest Base Camp. Each comes with its own challenges, but there are several others on the list if you want something a little different from the norm.

See the mountain gorillas living in Uganda

One of the best things about enjoying the mountain gorillas in Uganda is learning about how to preserve the incredible creatures and everything we can do to make a difference. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the scenery, including a trek through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Visitors need to be pretty fit as it’s pretty physically demanding, making it the perfect thing to add to the list of trips you should take before turning 30.

Spend the night under the stars in the Sahara

Sleeping under the stars can be an incredible experience at the best of times. What about spending the night in the Sahara Desert under some of the best nighttime displays on the planet? That’s more like it. It might not be long before people add it to their bucket list of trips to take before turning 30 after seeing some of the stunning photos of the area. Thankfully, there are plenty of trips on offer that do all the hard work for visitors.

Take a snowboarding or skiing trip in Japan

When thinking of skiing or snowboarding, it can be easy to think of Europe. However, Japan has plenty of incredible trails on offer. The 600 inches of snow each year and amazing sights make the nation one of the best secret spots for anyone looking to get an adrenaline rush on the snow.

Enjoy the Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico should be on many people’s bucket lists anyway. The history, nightlife, and food are just three reasons to head to the country. However, the Bioluminescent Bay takes things to a new level. The best way to enjoy it for yourself is to kayak through the water just before sunset to ensure you have front-row seats. Then, sit back and lose yourself in the moment as millions of microorganisms come to life and make the water glow blue for the night.

The five trips you should take before turning 30 are some of the best ways to experience things out of this world and offer up sights many of us would be lucky to see.