Which Teams Have Won The Most Super Bowls?

Which Teams Have Won The Most Super Bowls?

The Super Bowl brings the winners of the AFC and the NFC together for one big showdown to declare the greatest football team each season. Some teams are serial winners, and these franchises are the ones with the most Vince Lombardi trophies.

Pittsburgh Steelers – 6

The Steelers don’t always make it to the Super Bowl, but when they do they mostly win. In eight Super Bowl games, the Steelers have taken the trophy back to Pittsburgh six times, losing just twice. They haven’t won one in over ten years though, and their fans will feel as though it’s time for another one soon.

New England Patriots – 6

Thanks to their recent victory at Super Bowl LIII the Patriots join the Steelers as the most successful teams in NFL history. Their six victories are all the more impressive when you consider they’ve done them all with the same quarterback, Tom Brady. What makes their consistency more impressive is the fact that they rank among the top teams every season, meaning they don’t get the first draft picks.

San Francisco 49ers – 5

The 49ers have only ever lost one of their Super Bowl appearances, winning the other five. They were the most dominant team of the ‘80s, winning four in that decade. Despite building a dynasty, the 49ers have been struggling to make an impact on the league since their last Super Bowl win in 1994. They did play in the 2012 championship game but recorded their only Super Bowl loss that year.

Dallas Cowboys – 5

The Cowboys have made it eight Super Bowls in their history but will be hungry to add more to their five wins. As a franchise, they were the first in the NFL to be valued at over $5 billion. Fans will be hoping the franchise can give them a little more bang for their buck as the Cowboys look to end a near 25 year wait for another Super Bowl victory.

Green Bay Packers – 4

The Packers have the honor of being the very first team to win a Super Bowl when the game was introduced to the league in 1966. They followed that up by winning it the next year, giving them a headstart on everyone else. Green Bay had legendary quarterback Brett Favre to thank for their next Super Bowl victory in 1996 before an Aaron Rodgers-inspired team won it for the fourth time in 2010.

New York Giants – 4

The only other team to have won the Super Bowl four times is the New York Giants. Their success has been much more recent with their first coming in 1986 and their last in 2011. Eli Manning led the Giants to a dramatic fourth Vince Lombardi trophy in 2011, as they overtook the Patriots on the scoreboard with less than a minute to go.

These teams are the most successful at the Super Bowl in NFL history. They have won the famous trophy more than anyone else and have to be considered the best football franchises in the USA.