Is Tom Brady Really The Greatest Quarterback Of All Time?

Is Tom Brady Really The Greatest Quarterback Of All Time?

Tom Brady has just captured his sixth Super Bowl ring, making him the player with the most ever. The New England Patriots quarterback is considered by many to be the greatest of all time, and at 41 years old he’s not slowing down. Is Tom Brady really the best quarterback ever?

Something to prove

Right from the very beginning of Brady’s career, he had something to prove. Selected in the sixth round of the draft in 2000, hardly anybody knew much about him. Being so far down the pecking order felt like an insult to Brady, and he was going to show everyone what they had passed up on.

He signed with the Patriots in 2000, and 19 years later he is still there, having led his team to nine Super Bowl games, winning six. Brady’s desire to prove the doubters wrong resulted in one of the best football careers in history. He is an expert at overcoming the odds and writing him off only adds fuel to his fire.

Super Bowl ring number 1

Brady knew he was destined for great things and worked harder than anybody to prove how good he was. From being picked in the sixth round in 2000 to lifting the Super Bowl at the end of the 2001 season, things escalated quickly. He was fourth choice QB in his first season, but by his second, he was number two.

After starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe was sidelined, Brady had his opportunity early in the season. He had a slow start, but once he got in the team, he stayed there. Brady led the Patriots all the way to the Super Bowl, winning the MVP in that game as the Patriots defeated the Rams, then of St. Louis.

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick also came along in 2000 as well and together the pair have been to the Super Bowl nine times, winning six thanks. Since getting thrown in at the deep end by Belichick, Brady has raised the bar at every opportunity.

His intelligence on the field is unrivaled, and he’s like an offensive coordinator on the field. Brady can see how the opposing team are lining up and make changes in his plays to keep his side winning. Together with Belichick, the pair are the most dominant coach QB duo in history.

His achievements

Brady has won a lot, giving him a huge say in the best ever debate. Along with winning the Super Bowl six times, he has been named the MVP in those games four, and three times he was the league MVP. He has the most wins by a quarterback in NFL history, over 6,000 completed passing yards and even has 19 rushing touchdowns.

Tom Brady is a serial winner which means he’ll always be considered one of the best quarterbacks ever. A couple of QBs have won four, and only one other player has five Super Bowl rings, but Brady is out on his own with six. He is arguably the best player of all time, not just the best quarterback.