Is This 15-Year-Old Really The New Messi?

Is This 15-Year-Old Really The New Messi?

When Spanish soccer giants FC Barcelona stumbled across a young Lionel Messi, they did everything they could to encourage him to sign. The club invested a lot of time and money to help him develop, and now they have reaped the rewards. Not happy to rest on finding the best player ever, Barcelona have done it again. Xavi Simons is the latest prodigy to sign for the Spanish club, and big things are expected of him.


This young soccer star was named after one of the greatest Barcelona midfielders in history, the legendary Xavi. As a player, Xavi won La Liga, the Champions League, and the World Cup. No pressure on the young Xavi to live up to his name then!

Simons was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and as soon as he was scouted by Barcelona, the Spanish club just had to have him. He transferred to the legendary La Masia, Barcelona’s academy, and has been impressing ever since arriving in Spain.

Splaying style

It’s easy to see why people are comparing the young player to Lionel Messi. He is much smaller than his peers, but thanks to his ball dribbling skills no one can get near him. Simons uses his low center of gravity to change direction in a split second, making him impossible to tackle when he’s on form. Don’t be surprised to see Simons tearing through teams from the halfway line just like Messi does.

Simons plays in midfield so will be on the ball more than Messi, which means when he makes it to the first team he’s going to be a walking highlight reel. It’s not just about dribbling past player though, Simons has got a bit of everything. He can score, knows when to pass, and has some impressive skills to show fans. As much as Simons is like Messi, there is another Barcelona legend the young Dutch player reminds us of, Ronaldinho.

Walking before he can run

Young players often show high potential, but it’s all down to their own determination to succeed to make sure it happens. Some future world beaters of the past, Freddy Adu and Bojan, never lived up to their potential. Simons and Barcelona will be hoping they can develop him to become the next Messi and not he next Adu.

Thanks to social media Simons is already a star. The young player has over 1 million Instagram followers, and that number is only going to grow the more games he plays for Barcelona’s academy. Simons is working with soccer super agent Mino Raiola who represents some amazing players already including Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku, and Marco Verratti. Playing for Barcelona is an honor that any soccer player dreams of, and Simons has already been told he will play for the first team.

With the promise of first-team action, Simons will need to make sure he keeps progressing to make it happen. The future looks bright for this 15-year-old star, and if he’s even half as good as Messi, he will be one of the world’s best.