How Noah Spence Eats 9,000 Calories a Day

How Noah Spence Eats 9,000 Calories a Day

Many of us wish we could live the dream and spend our lives playing professional football. One thing many people forget about these stars is the hours spent at practice, followed by hours in the gym.

Defensive end Noah Spence shared with the world his diet to keep him full of energy, and it was revealed he eats 9,000 calories per day! This is how the Buccaneers defensive end manages to fit all those calories inside his body.

Bulking up

In the offseason following the 2017 campaign, Spence wanted to add mass to his already impressive 228-pound frame. To do that he decided he needed to seriously consider his eating habits and began playing around with different diets. What he found added the most mass was to force 9,000 calories into his stomach.

Spence made an effort in the gym to gain results, and after sticking to his diet plan, the defensive end added significant mass. In the space of a year, Noah Spence had gone from 228 lbs to a massive 263 lbs. He decided that if he didn’t stop eating there was no way he would lose weight, which would mean he could workout more.

All cakes and burgers?

Just because he was eating more didn’t mean he was eating poorly. Eating clean meant he was going to use every possible nutrient he was putting into his body. To fit so much in, Spence had to have nine meals per day.

Eating that much food would become a fulltime job thanks to the prep involved, but the football player was determined to make his plan succeed. His schedule was tough, but the results proved it was all worth it, this is how he did it.

Nine meals, one day

It can be hard enough just trying to stick to three meals a day for most people, but Spence takes eating to a new level. After his football career, he might try out for competitive eating! His first meal of the day is two protein shakes made with vegan peanut butter, protein powder, banana, and sugar-free coconut milk ice cream. Those shakes are worth 1,400 calories.

Before practice, breakfast is French toast with potatoes and cream of wheat. The calorie count is now at 2,100. Meal three comes after practice, another couple of protein shakes, to add 1,600 more calories. By lunchtime, he is hungry again and eats a generous helping of pasta with turkey, onions, and peppers. Throw in two more protein shakes, and Spence has consumed 6,800 calories.

His seventh meal of the day would be a 6oz steak with more potatoes and root veg followed by a PB&J sandwich, chased by some chocolate almond milk. Spence’s final meal is yet another protein shake which takes his calorie intake to 9,000!

If you want to grow up big and strong you have to eat all your food. In Spence’s case, he just eats everything! Opposing players better watch out he doesn’t take a chunk out of them on the field.